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  1. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Just returned from a 5 National Park Tour! Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks plus many more along the way!
  2. marilyn
    marilyn Jim and Cheryl
    Please let me know if your trailer is still available? My e-mail is Thank you for your help. Marilyn Montgomery
  3. Cal429
    Sold our 2010 560 Ultra in June 2017. A quality product, and the best, most consumer-friendly company I've ever dealt with.
  4. Sky bear
    Sky bear STEVEandJAN
    Hi there. Sorry to bother you while you're trying to sell but had a question about powering your Dometic. We have an 560 Ultra with the solar connection (3 30W panels) and recently purchased a CF35. Having some power issues while running the Dometic off grid. Wondering how effective your 120W solar has been or if you've added an additional battery or other generator source.
  5. Lori Erickson
    Lori Erickson
    I have a 2010 560 Ultra for sale. Loaded with options. $17,500.00
  6. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Back from Padre Island National Seashore! Just in time...others got stuck!
  7. Tom & Diana P
    Tom & Diana P
    On the road since 5/21. Craters of the Moon National Monument (ID) has been our home for nearly a week. Next: Sawtooth Natl Forest.
    1. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!
      Jun 18, 2017
  8. John & Jodi
    John & Jodi
    Made it home from the Spring Texas Tiny Trailer Rally. Only Camp-Inn there. Hope to see others this fall.
    1. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      Spring, TX, as in near Houston? If so, I didn't know there was a rally down here. I need to get out more (on the internet).

      Jun 18, 2017
  9. Greg & Shelly
    Greg & Shelly
    Home from our 5,107 mile Long Haul. The Ski Lodge performed better than expected. It was an amazing adventure.
  10. Griley
    Griley Cary Winch
    I mentioned that I got a TRI-MAX wheel lock when I was picking up our 560 back on June 3, 2016. You said it absolutely would not work on the axles and wheels you install on your Teardroos.
    Good news Cary,,, it works perfectly ,,
    Just need to pop off the hubcap. It covers the lug nuts to prevent a potential thief from removing the tire, replacing it with another, and driving off with a new Teardrop.
  11. Griley
    Having trouble deleting account
  12. Griley
    Just sold this
  13. John & Jodi
    John & Jodi
    Made it home from Necedah with "The Caboose" in tow, then turned right around and visited new friends at the 2nd annual Texas gathering.
  14. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Drying out from the 2nd Annual Texas Teardrop Round-up!
  15. Griley
    Griley rotus8
    Nice area
  16. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Heading to Texas round-up at Inks Lake
  17. Shannon Wahlstrand
    Shannon Wahlstrand AlCat

    We have a 2016 XC70 T5 AWD that has a 3,300 towing capacity and it's 250 hp/266lb torque. We're interested in the 560 ultra which is 1500lb I believe, you're the only Volvo owner I have seen yet and wondering what you're thoughts are on using the XC70 for a tow vehicle?

    Any thoughts or experience you could share is greatly appreciated!

    Shannon W
    1. AlCat
      Hi. We've had no towing issues with our XC90, and we have the 5 cylinder turbo. We've been assured that a 4-cyl would be fine as a tow vehicle (though perhaps not a Prius). I don't recall what the 2004 XC90 2.5T towing capacity is, but I don't think it's higher than 3,500 lbs. We have the smaller CampInn, but we have it loaded pretty heavy, I think, with kitchen stuff, plus a full water tank, usually.
      Mar 27, 2017
  18. JJ-StP
    JJ-StP skeenut
    Did you sell your Ultra?
  19. Greg & Shelly
    Greg & Shelly
    We brought her home on March 16, 2017. Now it is time to figure out bedding, how to equip the galley and packing.
  20. emptynesters
    emptynesters Wade&Carol
    just think , another way we can get in touch with each other.
    w and d