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  1. John & Jodi
    John & Jodi
    The summer heat has finally broken in south Texas. Been out camping three times since Labor Day.
  2. KAREN
    KAREN Warren Mary Ellen
    My wife Karen and I also live in Anderson, SC. Good to know we have other tear droppers as neighbors!
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    2. Warren  Mary Ellen
      Warren Mary Ellen
      There is another couple with a Camp Inn. His name is Jason Corder. I'll you can find postings on the forum with the name rocky top sc. Good to know there is another.
      Sep 22, 2017
  3. Doug & Amber
    Doug & Amber
    Last camped at Lockhart State Park, TX
  4. JayMar
    Picked up "Just the Three of Us" yesterday the 15th of August. What a great day and experience.
  5. Dani & Tom-Lizzie #353
    Dani & Tom-Lizzie #353 KathyBob
    Don't think I did 100 days so just finished an semi log of it. How do I post pictures and let me know if I need to redo any of the 3 award write ups. Danielle
    1. KathyBob
      Hi, Dani. Just reading the forum after grandchild-sitting for the past few days. I will send all three pins out today. Kathy
      Aug 11, 2017
    2. KathyBob
      BTW, I am not the person to ask re posting pics - it baffles me, too. Contact Evan - he can walk you through that
      Aug 11, 2017
    3. Dani & Tom-Lizzie #353
      Dani & Tom-Lizzie #353
      Thanks Kathy. Will find out about photo's
      Aug 12, 2017
  6. Dani & Tom-Lizzie #353
    Dani & Tom-Lizzie #353 KathyBob
    Finally joined the forum, I think I posted for all three awards. if you need additional information let me know @ My address is Danielle Korson, 6218 Bobwhite Dr. Nineveh IN 46164. our camper is Lizzie #353 Thanks a bunch
  7. Tom & Diana P
    Tom & Diana P
    "In garrison" since mid-June. We're itching to get out again, but it's too soon for a long trip,and too hot in Texas for a short one!
  8. Gman
    Gman SLC Bill
    Bill, we are quite interested in your Camp Inn. Do you have an idea what you may ask for it?
    1. SLC Bill
      SLC Bill
      I paid $23,500.00 for it just over a year ago, and they're built to last with super high quality standards. I'm hoping to get around $20K for it. I'm not in any big hurry to sell it, but I wanted to see what the demand is at this point. Let me know if you're still interested!
      Aug 5, 2017
  9. Jeff & Kelly
    Jeff & Kelly lorieandkeith

    I saw your comment that you own a Froli system. Did it make a big difference in support? My wife and I just got our 560 and I'm deciding if I want a memory foam topper or support. I think support would be better than more foam.

    What are you're comments regarding the Froli and where do you order it?
  10. Jerry
    Jerry JoeB-NW
    Hi Joe B-
    Is your teardrop still available?We are very interested.
    Jerry Beeler
  11. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Just returned from a 5 National Park Tour! Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks plus many more along the way!
  12. marilyn
    marilyn Jim and Cheryl
    Please let me know if your trailer is still available? My e-mail is Thank you for your help. Marilyn Montgomery
  13. Cal429
    Sold our 2010 560 Ultra in June 2017. A quality product, and the best, most consumer-friendly company I've ever dealt with.
  14. Sky bear
    Sky bear STEVEandJAN
    Hi there. Sorry to bother you while you're trying to sell but had a question about powering your Dometic. We have an 560 Ultra with the solar connection (3 30W panels) and recently purchased a CF35. Having some power issues while running the Dometic off grid. Wondering how effective your 120W solar has been or if you've added an additional battery or other generator source.
  15. Lori Erickson
    Lori Erickson
    I have a 2010 560 Ultra for sale. Loaded with options. $17,500.00
  16. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Back from Padre Island National Seashore! Just in time...others got stuck!
  17. Tom & Diana P
    Tom & Diana P
    On the road since 5/21. Craters of the Moon National Monument (ID) has been our home for nearly a week. Next: Sawtooth Natl Forest.
    1. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!
      Jun 18, 2017
  18. John & Jodi
    John & Jodi
    Made it home from the Spring Texas Tiny Trailer Rally. Only Camp-Inn there. Hope to see others this fall.
    1. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      Spring, TX, as in near Houston? If so, I didn't know there was a rally down here. I need to get out more (on the internet).

      Jun 18, 2017
  19. Greg & Shelly
    Greg & Shelly
    Home from our 5,107 mile Maiden Voyage / Long Haul. The Ski Lodge performed better than expected. It was an amazing adventure.
  20. Griley
    Griley Cary Winch
    I mentioned that I got a TRI-MAX wheel lock when I was picking up our 560 back on June 3, 2016. You said it absolutely would not work on the axles and wheels you install on your Teardroos.
    Good news Cary,,, it works perfectly ,,
    Just need to pop off the hubcap. It covers the lug nuts to prevent a potential thief from removing the tire, replacing it with another, and driving off with a new Teardrop.