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  1. JJ-StP
    JJ-StP skeenut
    Did you sell your Ultra?
  2. Greg & Shelly
    Greg & Shelly
    We brought her home on March 16, 2017. Now it is time to figure out bedding, how to equip the galley and packing.
  3. emptynesters
    emptynesters Wade&Carol
    just think , another way we can get in touch with each other.
    w and d
  4. Dan&Vanessa
    Couldn't open our old account and had to start a new one! We moved from San Antonio, TX up to East Aurora, NY.
  5. John & Jodi
    John & Jodi
    New to the forum. Getting lots of great ideas from all y'all. Picking up our camper at the end of March.
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    2. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      Feb 23, 2017
    3. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      It might be a bit early for you considering your pick-up date. But it seems this will be a recurring event, so you can keep an eye out for next year if this year doesn't work out for you. Hope to see you around sometime!

      Feb 23, 2017
  6. Mark & Rose
    Mark & Rose
    Not a Newbie....a Wannabe!! Enjoying Tomoka and seeing our options. Hopefully will be ready to launch before summer.
  7. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Muleshoe Bend Park, LCRA....were we the only ones there?!
  8. CamperJohn
    Yours may go fast but mine can go anywhere.
  9. Tom & Diana P
    Tom & Diana P
    #864 has arrived!
  10. Greg & Shelly
    Greg & Shelly
    From the latest batch of build photos it looks like our 560 Ultra is done. Still have to wait as we are not picking her up until mid March.
  11. AnnaSteve
    AnnaSteve tjcrebs
    we never bought a new mattress we used a full size mattress from the house and it worked great. Happy New year to you and Joy. hope you are still enjoying the 550.
  12. Doug & Amber
    Doug & Amber
    Just camped at Bastrop State PArk
  13. tjcrebs
    tjcrebs AnnaSteve
    Happy New Year 2017 to our favorite Staten Island people. Hope you're still enjoying the Casita, and got a mattress like the one you had in your old 550. Hugs, T & Joy
  14. Cmckinnon
    230 nights, +45,000 miles
  15. lorieandkeith
    Waiting impatiently for our next trip
  16. jsnrdy
    jsnrdy Griley
    Are you still selling your 560? I may be interested. I'm in the Bay Area in NorCal. Can you let me know what amenities it has and price?
  17. Peg
    Traveling Full Time
  18. Griley
    2016 560 Ultra for Sale
  19. Griley
    Selling our 560 Ultra !!
  20. Doug & Amber
    Doug & Amber Mark & Casandra
    Can you guys join us at Inks Lake State Park March 31 thru April 2????? Details below. We have 8 campers thus far.
    1. Mark & Casandra
      Mark & Casandra
      Count us in! I made our reservation this morning! I had BIG plans for a lot of fall camping, but life has kind of gotten in the way, so I'm really looking forward to this Texas Roundup & Spring now!
      Dec 15, 2016