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  1. John & Jodi
    John & Jodi
    Busy planning trips from February to May. In December, we completed our big adventure in southern Arizona.
  2. Greg P
    Greg P Eric Van den Kerhof
    Hi Eric. I sent a public notice that I was interested in your trailer. Subsequently I see a member saying deposit sent. If the trailer is still for sale please contact me at I'm in Vancouver.

  3. Mo D.
    Mo D. Eric Van den Kerhof
    Hi Eric. I previously owned this exact TD Trailer, same yr, too, from '15-'16. I unfortunately had to sell it. Is your's still for sale? Please and thank you. Location is not an issue.
  4. Sky bear
    Sky bear michaelo
    Hello, Michaelo. Not sure if you still follow or participate in the CI forum. Haven't seen a post in
    some time. As I recall you sold your CI trailer and purchased an Airstream. Is that correct? Anyway
    had some questions for you from a PM side. Remember quite vividly touring downtown Port Townsend
    a couple of years ago. That still your home base? Hope you are well, Skybear.
  5. Handben
    Total Nights Camped: 22 Total Miles: 2543
  6. less_stuff
    New, proud owners of Stella 560. Need to go through gear and do a shake down outing.
  7. John
    Looking for a used CI
  8. adrianneross
    Yes! That was us and our 550. Were you headed somewhere for the eclipse? We ended up at Indian Cave SP in SE Nebraska. Totality but cloudy.
  9. Monica
    Monica 1Door
    Hi! I am heading to the Villages in March, going with a friend for pickle all lessons. Do you know of any campgrounds in the area? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  10. fishbisquit
    fishbisquit adrianneross
    Hey Adriann,
    I think that may have been us. We were on I-80 heading West on that Saturday towing our 550 #748. Were you towing your 550 also? We passed a 550 right around that area I think with Il plates. My wife gave you guys a thumbs up?
  11. John & Camille
    John & Camille
    Searching for 560 Ultra SUV w/ elec. brakes, AC, solar, others, maybe furnace
  12. lorieandkeith
    lorieandkeith Tork
    Dear Tork:

    We are in Iowa City. The recent posts regarding the member map got me to notice our pin just a few miles away from ours. You will love your new campinn.

  13. Doug & Amber
    Doug & Amber
    Last camped at Inks Lake State Park
  14. Steve & Betsy
    Steve & Betsy Doug & Amber
    Doug and Amber,
    We are planning a camping trip in the Hill Country of Texas late March to mid-April.. We are looking for a campground that has showers. We enjoy road bicycling so we are also looking for a campground that has access to the roads less traveled. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you!
    Steve & Betsy
  15. Brian & Lucy
    Brian & Lucy
    Relaxing weekend at Pace Bend...our local go to, no reservations required primitive camping.
  16. John & Camille
    John & Camille
    Searching hopefully for 560 Ultra SUV w/ elec. brakes, AC, solar, + anything else , don't want furnace.
  17. Risart Brown
    Risart Brown
    Brown says Howdy !!
  18. John & Jodi
    John & Jodi
    The summer heat has finally broken in south Texas. Been out camping three times since Labor Day.
  19. KAREN
    KAREN Warren Mary Ellen
    My wife Karen and I also live in Anderson, SC. Good to know we have other tear droppers as neighbors!
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    2. Warren  Mary Ellen
      Warren Mary Ellen
      There is another couple with a Camp Inn. His name is Jason Corder. I'll you can find postings on the forum with the name rocky top sc. Good to know there is another.
      Sep 22, 2017
  20. Doug & Amber
    Doug & Amber
    Last camped at Lockhart State Park, TX