Tom & Diana P
Sep 2, 2016
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Tom & Diana P

Novice, from Timarron, The Woodlands, TX

#864 has arrived! Jan 27, 2017

    1. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      #864 has arrived!
    2. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      Anxiously awaiting word that our build has started! :-D
    3. Tom & Diana P
      Tom & Diana P
      We plan to order a 560 Raindrop Ultra in the coming days, and are extremely excited to get back to basic camping with a teardrop twist.
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    Home Location:
    Timarron, The Woodlands, TX
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    Camp-Inn 560
    Trailer Type:
    Raindrop Ultra SUV
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    Silver Surfer
    Tow Vehicle:
    2014 RAM 2500
    Seeking Cosmic Adventures and Mysteries Galore. :cool:
    Tent campers for decades, then owners of a 2010 Aliner Expedition hard-sided pop-up, followed by a 2013 Lance 2185 TT. Not being able to store the latter in the garage was problematic and costly. A teardrop is just the thing for us, and a Camp-Inn teardrop is a no-brainer.


    Tom & Diana
    The Woodlands, TX
    560 Ultra SUV, #864, "Silver Surfer"