Update 2017 560 Ultra Started

Discussion in 'Announcements & Build Journals' started by tdldjdx2, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. tdldjdx2

    tdldjdx2 Newbie

    I was notified that mu 560 Ultra has been started. It has been a long few years following all the adventures here. I can't wait!
    Looking forward to being part of the community.
  2. JeremyB

    JeremyB Junior Ranger Donating Member

  3. Monica & Bill

    Monica & Bill Newbie

  4. mariusz

    mariusz Novice

  5. Doug & Amber

    Doug & Amber Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Congrats and welcome to the Camp-Inn family. The build pictures help in the waiting process. Every week or so, we couldn't wait to see the progress of our trailer when being built.

    Happy days ahead.
  6. rgupnorth

    rgupnorth Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I bought used - but find it interesting how much anticipation there is for those who order new. CI is is great trailer new or used.

  7. tdldjdx2

    tdldjdx2 Newbie

    Can't wait...lol....looking good!


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