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    My frustration level with our raindrop front curtains finally got to the point of making me do something about it. The front curtains are fine, but they don't stay together when they are closed. The side curtains are just a tad too short so you can't cover the windows completely; when you try, the front end of the curtain comes unclipped from its retainer.

    My fix for the front curtain was simple, I added four small but powerful magnets to the inner seams, held in place with a few stitches. When the curtains are closed, the magnets snap the edges together.

    The side curtains were more difficult. The curtains, while a bit too short, are actually long enough if fully stretched out. I bought some curtain slide tape from Amazon, Type D RV curtain slides made by JR Products. I cut the tape right next to one of the slides and left about an inch of tape in the other direction; I made four of these. I attached these tabs to the ends of the top of the curtains to add a slide at the furthest possible point of the curtains. I attached with some double sided tape to hold them in position, then ran a row of stitches down each side to hold them in place. I had to use a zipper foot on my machine to get close to the slides; you could attach them with some strong vinyl adhesive, or stitch by hand.

    The resulting curtains install as usual, with the new slider clipped into the retainer at the front end. The extra inch or so is now enough that the curtain covers the side window. For additional closing, it is now possible to clip the rear end of the curtain into the retainer at the other end as the new slider at this end is close enough to fit.

    Curtain track tape

    Curtain track added to end

    Magnets to sew in corner

    Magnet sewn into corner

    All fixed
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    Very nice.

    I have no sewing skills and am looking for a non sewing way to solve this issue. I was thinking about a loop at the hook end to attach it to the hook. Hope that there might be some sort of loop option that can be stuck on to the back of the curtain.

    Still thinking about the other end though.
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    This little project doesn't take any sewing skills. You, Joan seem like you are a pretty handy gal and probably can do anything you take a mind to. Example-solar. I have really enjoyed your posts on that project in particular.
    I did this same thing with the curtains. I put an extra clip on the head end of the side window curtains. The back center curtains I put one on the outer end of each leaving it so the center of the curtains would still cross over each other. The back side curtains I put an extra clip on each end.
    I simple removed enough stitches from the hem of the lining of the back center curtain on each end of both curtains. Just enough to slip a magnet in each bottom corner of the lining. I didn't even stitch it back up. I put a magnet in each corner so they will either stay open or closed. Harbor Freight has great cheap magnets.
    I didn't like fiddling around trying to get my hand behind the window curtain to open the window so remover the bottom clips on those windows except for one on the head end. Others have just taken the clips off of the runner on the bottom but I just didn't like the stiffness of the curtain with them still on. I can always put them back on if it becomes necessary to turn the curtains over. I don't really like the color of the curtains anyway so probably will make new at some time. I'm not overly ambitious about it.
    Is this a problem irritating to enough people to be addressed with the CampInn vendor?
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    I had left the bottom curtain rail in place when I took the curtain clips off the bottom of the curtains. Now I have removed the bottom rail and put fender washers under the screws that previously held the rail in place. I counter sunk the washers so the screw goes in flush. Now the magnets in the corners of the curtains can be stuck to the fender washers in four different positions to have the curtains either completely closed or opened at whatever position I choose or opened at either end. I could take the washers off and paint them a color to blend with the wood or a stand out color. I'm kinda lazy so probably won't. Maybe later.
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    Thanks @rotus8 for the thread and the fix. During our 560's inaugural trip, we discovered the curtain issues described above. They are a tad short on the sides, and need a little assist in the middle. I created a $0.20 fix that I thought I'd share. I used thick nylon thread, attached to an existing screw, and cheap wooden clothespins (the really small ones) to solve the issue. We used one of the pins on the bottom of the middle curtains to hold them closed(not pictured). If the pictures aren't clear enough, feel free to ask questions or ping me. Hope this helps!

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