80 Or 120 Watt Solar Panel

Discussion in 'Electrical & Mechanical Issues' started by Randy, Apr 20, 2017 at 12:20 PM.

  1. Randy

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    I'm getting ready to by a new Zamp Solar Panel. Despite the price, I am sold on the new and improved Zamp panels for many reasons (plug type, availability of receptacle and extension cord, weather proof controller, drop down controller for easy viewing, heavy duty legs, nice bag, etc.)

    I think a 100 watt would be perfect but they only come in 80 or 120. The 80 watt is attractive because it is smaller and lighter. I run the Dometic, charge cell phones, stereo, TV and lights. Anyone have any opinions on 80 vs. 120? Maybe some of you with the Trimetric meter?


  2. Jenn

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  3. Inn42

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    The general consensus is that 100 watts would pretty much be a minimum to keep the Dometic fed.
  4. Warren  Mary Ellen

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    We have a 90 watt that we got from California PC which you can find their website on the Links page on the Camp Inn website. It has worked fine for us on our 2 Long Hauls.

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