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  1. Ron & Judy

    Ron & Judy Newbie

    After 42 years of tent camping and many years in the office equipment world of "solutions" we decided the 560 Ultra was our new travel solution. The build finished a couple of weeks ago and we drove our first 126 miles from Necedah to home yesterday. Today's challenge: finding the best spots for our camping gear in all the storage options. When we retired we adopted an attitude of Adventure Junkies and found our name for #873 - with a small "s" for solutions, of course! Glad to be part of this growing community!
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  2. Little Patriot

    Little Patriot Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Ron & Judy,
    Congratulations on your new 560 Ultra! May you have wonderful adventures with "solutions " in traveling!
    Love the name!

    Deb & Kyle
  3. mariusz

    mariusz Novice go out there and enjoy
  4. Mark & Casandra

    Mark & Casandra Junior Ranger

    Congratulations! Your best camping adventures are ahead of you!

  5. Warren  Mary Ellen

    Warren Mary Ellen Junior Ranger

    Congratulations! You'll love it.
  6. Doug & Amber

    Doug & Amber Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Hoooray! Let the adventures begin.
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