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    I picked up my 560 in May of 2014 and the longest trip I have made was driving the trailer home. I had hoped that my Mom would want to travel with me. I had the handicapped bars installed in my trailer and got the side tent for a potty. Since my Mom was already 94 at that time I guess I was being overly optimistic. She had no desire to leave home in that little tin box.
    So, I have been sticking fairly close to home since then with several short trips a year. We have a campsite about an hour away at Cowboy Campsites which is for horse owners. It is a great place with lots of riding trails so have spent some time there. Mom passed away on March 30th at 97 years old. She was healthy and active right up through last fall. She did all her fall yard work. Cut off all the perennials and dug up some bushes and bulbs to split. She started feeling tired and just not right. She lived here with me in her own little apartment for 30 years so I miss her every day but am so glad she is not suffering.
    So now I'm off on an adventure. My Mom was one of ten and only one sister left. My favorite aunt lives near Wichita. I will be headed there but in a round about way. After Wichita I will head to Wisconsin where my brother lives. He is about 40 miles from the CampInn CampOutt. After visiting my brother I will go to the CampOut and them head back home. I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and reconnecting with some I have already met.
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  2. Bear

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    Your story truly touched my heart as your words are certainly filled with a lot of love. Thank you for sharing it.

    Walk in Beauty,

  3. jfocallag

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    My condolences regarding your Mom. You and she were blessed that she was able to remain active and enjoy life to the end. Have a great time on your adventure!
  4. dustinp

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    So many similarities with my mom who passed a year and a half ago three weeks short of her 100th birthday. She lived in her own home too until 98 1/2 taking care of her self and participating in many social activities until she fell, which started her nearly year and a half downward slide. She was one to try new things (got a computer and did email etc in her late 80's), and take adventures with us kids( drove with us from MN to OR at age 97 for a family reunion near Seaside). Heck, she even wanted to go flying in the plane I built when she was 95, so we did! The last year and a half she spent time living with each of her four kids after a short unhappy stay at a nursing home, and at the end everyone knew she was going to a better place. DSCN0506.jpg DSCN0524.jpg
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    Sorry about your Mom's passing, sounds as though she lived a full and complete life and clearly, you were a blessing to her. My Mom turned 87 today and has been struggling with many health issues the last few years.

  6. pbaker2225

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    Thank you Bear and Joan for your sympathy. Mom and I had a lot of good years together.
    I enjoyed your story about your Mom, Randy. My Mom also enjoyed her computer and even though she struggled with some of it she loved being able to keep in touch with people, ordered stuff on line and researched geneology. About six weeks before she passed she had a small stroke or something went wrong in her brain. It was as if the left and right flipped in her brain and she wasn't even able to find her way around her house. Couldn't find her dishes or run the microwave. She was still able to do her personal care and did learn her way around. When people came to visit she talked to them just like normal. Still had all her memories of the past. She said people didn't look the same as they did before the stroke or whatever happened. They couldn't see anything in the brain scan. She said she could sit in her chair and see in her brain exactly what she needed to do to get into her banking step by step but when she sat down in front of the computer it just didn't look the way she remembered. Weird.
    I have a lot of great memories as I'm sure you do also.
  7. pbaker2225

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    Loved the pictures too. She looks like a happy person as my Mom was also. Mom always said, "You can make yourself just as happy as you want to be or miserable as you want to be. It's your choice."
  8. Tom & Diana P

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    Pat, my sincerest condolences. What happy memories you must have! Blessings to you in your new phase. ❤️
    Maybe we'll meet at CICO!
  9. pbaker2225

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    Thank you every one for your kind words and sympathy. Sorry I messed up my reply. dustinp, your Mom was incredible. I took my mom to California and she went on the ride Montezuma's Revenge. She said she couldn't get her eyes open the whole way. She was fun and willing to try new things. I'm going to try to put a picture of my Mom on here so you can see why your picture reminded me so much of my own Mom.
    Randy, I'm so sorry that your Mom is having health problems. Mine was so worried about being a burden to me. It is so hard for them to deal with losing their independence. Almost all of us get to that point at some time.
    Oh my gosh. Did that really work? I see the picture there and it was so easy.

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  10. dustinp

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    Not a problem, I knew what you meant;)
  11. Mark & Casandra

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    Pat, we offer our sincere condolences for the loss of your Mom. I lost my Mom very suddenly in 2008 to a stroke; she was only 63. Sounds like your Mom was a very special lady and you two shared a close bond (as my Mom & I did) so I know it cannot be an easy time for you. I wish you all the best as you head out on new adventures in this next chapter of life. Perhaps we might even meet at the CICO.....not sure yet, but trying to see if we might be able to make the trip in conjunction with attending a wedding in Michigan's UP in late September!
  12. pbaker2225

    pbaker2225 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Thank you for your condolences. I can't even imagine how hard that was to lose your mom when she was only 63. My mom was 67 when she moved here. We had 30 great years together. We always had projects going. Sometimes we made a mess of them before we figured out how to fix the mess. I used to tell her, "We are like the three stooges, only there are only two of us." We both love laughter and did a lot of laughing.
    I do hope you can show up at CICO.

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