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    Checking if anyone has every camped at the Sage Creek Campground in the Badlands. Have read reviews on it and it sounds fun. Only draw back it's 12 miles.of "improved" gravel (C590), guess that means well maintained. O.K. with gravel as little as its not a washboard gravel. Let me know if you have stayed or traveled to the campground and your opinion....Thanks Ron [
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    Ron & Missy: My wife and I camped there last Memorial Day. The road was not smooth at all, mostly wash board. We just went slow and had no problems. The campsite is impressive and the buffalo literally roam right by your campsite. It is different from the rest of the sites as you do not see the 'Badlands' per se. There is a campsite I wish we would have tried that is in a pasture that overlooks the 'Badlands'.

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