Calling for Prayers, Good Thoughs & Support for Lori E.

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  1. Betsey

    Betsey Camp-Inn Staff

    One of our own, Lori Erickson, avid teardropper (she's owned 5 teardrops, two of them being Camp-Inns, and travels almost non-stop), former St. Croix Chapter Co-Director, great gal and dear friend, has had her Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) return. This is the most aggressive type of breast cancer. Because of this, it is not usually diagnosed until it is in later stages. Her cancer is currently in stage IV.

    Lori was first diagnosed 7 years ago. Some of you who were at the CICO in 2010 may remember we honored her with a quilt made with squares by Camp-Outt attendees. Since then, she has been through hell and back yet has not let it stop her generosity and kindness to others, nor has she let it stop her from living life to the fullest. With a survival rate of 25%, Lori beat the odds the first time around.

    Please help in any way you are able, whether it is words of support, prayers, or a donation. I have included links below.

    Feel free to message me if you have questions.

    Thank you for reading and keeping Lori in your thoughts and prayers.


    PS....As a side note, Lori is a very dear friend to Craig and me. We have known her for many years and have had the pleasure of camping with her as well as visiting one another. In addition, I would say she is also not only the most avid Camp-Inn fan but also our most avid salesperson. For years, as people showed interest in her teardrop, she has handed out CI brochures to them and talked to people where ever she has traveled about Camp-Inn teardrops, always recommending a CI. Now, that may not seem unusual to a Camp-Inn owner, but Lori has only had a CI for the past few years. She was actively recommending them to people for years before she was able to own her own Raindrop. :)


    Here is an video Lori did for the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation:

    Lori is currently having to travel from St. Paul, MN to Chicago (400 miles one way) for treatments. There are many expenses that are not covered by insurance, including meals, hotels, and parking at the hospital (even with validation, it is about $80/day).

    Family and Friends have set up a GoFundMe site for anyone who would like to donate.

    Click here to support Lori Erickson--IBC came back--HELP! organized by Joanna Miller Moore

    A benefit has also been set for Sunday, April 9, from 12p - 3p, at the Arcade Phalen American Legion Post 577 in St. Paul. If you are in the area, please stop by. Lori would love to see you. The link below has all the information.
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    Didn't want to click "like" on this, but you know what I mean. Prayers and positive thoughts on their way for Lori and those who love her. <3

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  3. Bear

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    Oh Great Spirit, I call upon you to acknowledge the hearts that are reaching out to Lori through prayer. The love that surrounds this dear lady is the reflection of the love she has for the world around her. Lori is a charismatic spirit that has made a difference in each life she has befriended, as well as those who have simply crossed her path and experienced her smile. Her hugs are pure and genuine and you know you been blessed by the Heavens once experienced.

    Great Spirit, you may think otherwise, but I see a Soul with so much more to give. Her heart is full and her love abundant---couldn't the world use a lot more of that? Please be merciful in her treatment as she has been selfless with her love. Please spoil the world a bit longer with her presence so that we may give her as much as she has given us.

    The world needs her. Her family and friends need her. Please, God, don't take our Sunshine away.

    Walk in Beauty,

    Rev. Bear Moore
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  4. Betsey

    Betsey Camp-Inn Staff


    Thank you for such a lovely prayer. You really have caught the essence of who Lori is. I will be sure to share this with her this weekend.

  5. Lori Erickson

    Lori Erickson Newbie

    Thank you both so much for your kind words. I have been doing my chemo and it is helping. I am taking a break from it and traveling the country this summer with my Camp-Inn. I am headed east in June and west in July. Coast to coast.
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  7. So sorry to hear about her. Prayers going up and will keep her in our thoughts.

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