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  1. Jack & Susan

    Jack & Susan Newbie

    Our paperwork arrived today, for our very own Raindrop!

    Signatures on the contract, check written, envelope ready to go in the mail first thing tomorrow –

    Feels great!!

    Now the waiting begins . . .

    Hope that watching the build process will help us get through the waiting! ;)

    Jack & Susan
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  2. pbaker2225

    pbaker2225 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I remember the time. It is very exciting. Now the shopping begins. Fun! I waited 9 months for mine because 6 was in the dead of winter. Just like having a baby.
  3. Jack & Susan

    Jack & Susan Newbie

    Thank you, Pat; it is very exciting! Yes, the shopping has begun. Took a break from yard work -- still so smoky here -- to pick up a privacy tent and porta potty, couple of boxes for shoes. Will buy a canopy of some sort. Jack has purchased, and is working on, getting the trailer hitch installed on our car. Otherwise, we're pretty well set. Going through all of the stuff we had on our boat, looking at what will go in the trailer, what we can let go of. So far, we've set aside anything to do with the oven and microwave; otherwise, I think most of it will transfer from the old galley to the new (via the several-years-long stint in our garage). And we have camping supplies, too, that we're going through. All very enjoyable, contemplating using this stuff again but in a new setting.
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