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  1. We are older and have had Lizzie for 7 years now. Don't know why I didn't sign up in forum until now. Anyone going to Alaska and need some hints let us know. In 2012 we traveled from IN to Alaska 7 weeks and 12,000 miles. Loved it.
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    That must have been an amazing trip. I would love to see some pictures and hear more about your experiences. I would like to make that trip some time. I doubt I will be able to as don't have the nerve to travel that far alone and don't have anyone to go along. It would be great to have a traveling companion who had their own rig so we could kind of look out for each other. I probably need to get some experience under my belt first though.
    I have only done short trips so far. The longest was my trip home from picking up my trailer and driving home to Washington. My brother and my daughter came back with me and brother was in a big hurry so we didn't do any sight seeing or anything. A real disappointment for me.
    I'm taking off at the end of the month to visit family in Kansas and Wisconsin and will end up at CICO. A sight seeing trip out but will have to hurry home on the return because have a commitment at the end of September.
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    Dani & Tom, Welcoming to the forum!

    I, for one, would love to read about your Alaska adventure! We went ourselves in 2014, but with a previous (larger) trailer. I'm ready to go again with our Camp-Inn this time, and would like to hear about your experience with Lizzie on the on the road. Did you travel via the ALCAN, or some other route? Maybe if you've got the time you could write up your Big Trip in the Camp-Inn Awards/Long Haul section of the forum: in one fell swoop you could fill us inquiring minds in on your journey and establish your qualification for the Long Haul Pin!

    Keep the campfire burning,
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  4. We drove up to Jasper, Canada and across to Prince Rupert. Boarded Alaskan ferry to Skagway (2 day trip) from there we just traveled with only reservations in Denali 12 days later. Used the book-"Camping in Alaska" to find campsites along the way. Before Denali we visited Skagway,Whitehorse,Carcross,Burwash Landing, all along the Alaskan Highway. Then we took the Tok cutoff toward Valdez and also flew into McCarthy for the day. Drove out of McCarthy by scuttle service (BIG mistake should have flown out also. ) On to Anchorage and Homer. After Denali which is a mandatory 3 days, we wandered into Fairbanks with side trips including Chena Hot Springs. Left Lizzie at a crossroad and drove up to Kena and back then on the Dalton Trail to Dawson City and Whitehorse up toward Chicken and then into the Yukon via ferry to Dawson Creek. And Back toward Jasper . We averaged about 100 to 150 miles a day just driving along until an interesting site appeared. We tried to stop at every info signage and did use the "mile Post" book for helpful hints. Had no trouble finding camp sites only had reservations for the ferry and for Denali. We basically followed the Alaskan Hiway backwards. Trip was mid June into August. Saw lots of traffic going North as we moved South. So I wouldn't recommend August for finding campsites without reservations. Dani
  6. Sorry we have time restraints and will miss the camp inn. Definity will be going in 2018. Are you coming all the way from Washington St? That is one state I do plan on visiting in the next couple years. As you go east I would recommend stopping at Craters of the moon NP in Idaho. Very different like being in another world. Volcanic rock for miles. Campground is not very large so a reservation might be a good idea. We were there coming home from Alaska and that would have been early Aug. I don't think many people even know about this place because we just drove in and got a site. But Tom and I always seem to luck out that way. Maybe for a trip to Alaska you could find a travel group that is planning on going. That way you would be caravaning. Just a suggestion Get the book Camping in Alaska. Great maps and along all the possible routes you could take they show all campgrounds with cost and amenities so every morning we just looked where we we going for the day and found a suitable campground along our route. This book is not filled with advertizing like the mile post book is. And is easier to understand. But the mile post book is needed for mentioning sites to see along your way. Take Care, Dani
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    Yes, I am going from Washington state. I have family in Kansas to visit then up to Wisconsin to visit my brother. Craters of the Moon looks very interesting. Just went to the Sunset Crater Volcano this spring in Arizona. Awe inspiring sight. So much to see, so little time. I was planning on going through Montana and stop at my daughters place near Livingston but she has plans for a campout so may change my route. I lived in a coal mining camp near Kemmerer, Wyo. when I was a young child and would like to stop there and see if I remember anything or recognize the place.
    I think I need to get a little more experience under my belt before traveling in a group. I don't want to be the dumbest one there. LOL. I don't even know yet if I will enjoy this type of traveling.
    I will look into the Camping in Alaska, book. My brother told me about Wrights camping Guide and I ordered it. It shows cheap and free camping across the USA. Looking forward to looking at it.
    Let me know when you do Washington state. You can park in my yard and explore the area.
    Sorry you can't make the camp out. This is my first year. I'm looking forward to it.
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