Fridge / Cooler Dometic Cf35

Discussion in 'Camp-Inn Options & Accessories' started by Sweeney, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Sweeney

    Sweeney Novice

    Our Dometic CF35 ate itself this weekend....compressor runs NON-Stop. Thermistor looks fine, I suspect a main board which means its not repairable.

    Anyone have any experience with the CFX series? Any "fits" or replacements for the CF35? I hate to throw good money after bad....
  2. Cary Winch

    Cary Winch Camp-Inn Staff

    The CFX series will not fit in your galley.

    If the control board is out in the Dometic give Dometic customer service a call. This is something that is actually easily repaired.

  3. gregangsten

    gregangsten Novice

    Yeah, my Dometic went a year before the controller board went out and the buttons would not respond. I replaced it myself and the fridge is still going 3 years since then. I think I just did a search for the part no. on the web.
  4. DrTwitch

    DrTwitch Newbie

    Just bought a used Dometic Cf35 and it won't turn on. The buttons do nothing. Does anyone have the part number for the control board?
  5. rotus8

    rotus8 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Have you checked it with both the DC connection and the AC? If just the DC is the problem, there is a fuse in the plug that may be bad. If neither connection works, you probably need the main board.

    It looks like the main board can be ordered here: CaravansPlus: PCBCF35/40/50/60: Waeco PCB Main Control Unit - Suits CF35 / CF40 / CF50 / CF60, 7 Led, $80.
  6. DrTwitch

    DrTwitch Newbie

    I checked both DC and AC in multiple outlets, nothing. So it sounds like the board. I'll give it a try and see what happens!

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