Fridge / Cooler Dometic Cf35

Discussion in 'Camp-Inn Options & Accessories' started by Sweeney, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Sweeney

    Sweeney Novice

    Our Dometic CF35 ate itself this weekend....compressor runs NON-Stop. Thermistor looks fine, I suspect a main board which means its not repairable.

    Anyone have any experience with the CFX series? Any "fits" or replacements for the CF35? I hate to throw good money after bad....
  2. Cary Winch

    Cary Winch Camp-Inn Staff

    The CFX series will not fit in your galley.

    If the control board is out in the Dometic give Dometic customer service a call. This is something that is actually easily repaired.

  3. gregangsten

    gregangsten Novice

    Yeah, my Dometic went a year before the controller board went out and the buttons would not respond. I replaced it myself and the fridge is still going 3 years since then. I think I just did a search for the part no. on the web.

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