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Discussion in 'Camp-Inn Options & Accessories' started by ssackett, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. ssackett

    ssackett Newbie

    I no longer see door screens as an "add-on" in the Camp-Inn online store. Does anyone know if it's still possible to order these and install them yourself?

    I'm still not sure I want them, but I like the idea of napping in camp with the door open. Would appreciated anyone's input on if they like, stow away well or get in the way?
  2. Doug & Amber

    Doug & Amber Junior Ranger Donating Member

    We have the door screens and love them. We had them installed when the trailer was built, so we have no info on how easy they are to install yourself. It's hot in TX and nice to have the doors open and keep out the bugs and critters. They stow away and disappear when not in use.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Gypsy

    Gypsy Newbie

    Love 'em! I live in mosquito land.
  4. jfocallag

    jfocallag Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Wouldn't be without them.
  5. Randy

    Randy Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I just bought a replacement (Rika accidentally jumped through one after dark) so I know you can get them. Installation was challenging but the instructions were very thorough. Helps to have an extra set of hands.

  6. Inn42

    Inn42 Junior Ranger

  7. mariusz

    mariusz Novice

    I have them its one of the must have items, installed them mysef not hard at all
  8. Inn42

    Inn42 Junior Ranger

    We had our dog go through both of our door screens, and it is possible to sew them back together, though obviously it leaves a 'scar. (which affects the appearance, but not the performance). One of our repairs has lasted nearly three years (the other is only a year or so old). When it first happened, we were glad we had some black thread for the repair. In hindsight, a neon color would have been better - Lana would be able to better tell that there is a screen in front of her. After the second mishap, she has figured out that she needs to wait for us to tell her it is OK to either jump in or jump out of the cabin.

    Suggestion for Camp Inn: How about a special door screen option for dog owners, which uses a pattern of contrasting stitching sewn into the screens?? Or simply using stitching to spell out "NO! DON'T!" I suspect it would solve this particular problem (though Murphy's Law would suggest it would very probably create some other new and unforeseen problem).
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  9. rgupnorth

    rgupnorth Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Not a bad idea for pet owners as a torn screen is likely to happen at the worst time in the worst location.
  10. Randy

    Randy Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I felt bad for Rika, it really scared her. She was actually trying to get IN the camper, not out! She loves jumping up in there at the end of the day when she is worn out and ready for bed (as do I :)).
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  11. Inn42

    Inn42 Junior Ranger

    Lana has done it both coming and going, but she was a bit stunned when she bounced off of it while trying to get in from the outside.
  12. ssackett

    ssackett Newbie

    How did I miss that?! Looked several times. Thanks so much.
  13. Kelly

    Kelly Novice

    My dogs have also "bounced" off of the screen doors more than a few times from trying to jump into the trailer when the screens are in use. So far the screens have held up. They've also smacked their heads on the bottom of the door from not waiting until I had the door fully opened before they leap inside the trailer . . . they love the trailer and are a tad too eager to get in. Yearly retraining is required. Hopefully I'll remember this come Spring (maybe I should add that to my trailer checklist).
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