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Discussion in 'Other Gear & Equipment' started by Randy, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Randy - it works on the same principle as this 5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner: 6 Steps (with Pictures) only it needs to be plugged into 110. The one in the link is solar powered.

    Edit: actually, the bucket one I linked above, as described uses ice, but it could just as easily use water and a cloth evaporator. The cloth would soak up the water and the fan blows through and evaporates the water. "Evaporation is a cooling process" as my grandfather said many times. There are lots of links to different versions of these things if you Google "Bucket AC".
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  4. Randy

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    Yup! I realize it requires 110. I actually have AC, just throwing it out there for anyone who doesn't. Love the solar powered swamp cooler!
  5. Inn42

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    I like the Bangladeshi concept - it would appear to use the Venturi Effect to increase the flow of air through the device to achieve the temperature reduction. The 12 degree reduction in temp for the Homedics version is pretty meaningless without knowing at what temperature that reduction takes place. Reducing the temp from 104 to 92 would be an improvement, but a spray bottle full of water might be a better way to keep your body temperature regulated. Swamp coolers do a decent enough job in humid environments, but the county that I worked for in Idaho installed one in a LEED certified building Boise and it was pretty much a complete bust in an arid climate - the staff bought a half dozen box fans and kept the doors and windows open all summer long...
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    Excellent discovery, Randy!

    This is ideal for us polar bears.
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    This looks like a small version of a 'swamp cooler'. They work in very dry places, like the southwest.
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