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  1. Bazza2154

    Bazza2154 Novice

    Has anybody used this service before

    Harvest Hosts

    They offer free camping in Wineries and farms in North America for a small annual fee.
  2. Jenn

    Jenn Junior Ranger

    The website is not opening for me but will try it later. I wonder if that means you are a Host for the season or you just pay a fee and you camp free. Sounds interesting.

    There is also another organization called Workcampers where you sign up to work 12 hrs a week at a particular location and then you have the rest of the time off. The Host couple here at Badger Park, Peshtigo, WI are here as Workcampers. 12 hrs/week equals free camp site for the season. In this particular spot they tell me they basically do nothing, but I do see the husband checking in campers as they arrive. Im not inclined to do this but it might appeal to someone else.

    There are also other ways to sign up for hosting at campgrounds. Possibly they are all in one space out there on the internet.

    There is a huge culture of folks who live on the road in RV's, cars, Teardrops! that I had no knowledge about when I was just settled in my condo/work life. And what amazing friendly people they are. Ive met several this week and feel like I have stepped through a curtain into another existence. How fun to find tomatoes and fresh corn on my picnic table in the morning!

    Thank you for the website. I will keep trying it.
  3. Bazza2154

    Bazza2154 Novice

    Try typing this in your web browser

    The link did not work for me when I tried it either

    PS it works I tried it
  4. Mick'nSarah

    Mick'nSarah Moderator Staff Member

    I really like the harvest host idea. I am wondering if folks have used this? It says you have to be completely self-contained, no awnings or tents, and no tent trailers. I am wondering if we would be eligible as we still need a restroom of some sort and since there is no tents, would be hard to get that privacy. I may be over thinking it though.

    I would love to stay at farms and vineyards. That is amazing!
  5. Bazza2154

    Bazza2154 Novice

    That's the one think that I was concerned with we use the side tent for the Porta Potty but that would probably not be allowed.
    I did find a product called Add a cabana Scroll down the page its called a portable dressing room SUV tent tailgating shelter add a Cabana

    which goes over you tailgate for a privacy room. I thought this would be a good product to carry for a quick site stop over to give some protection to the kitchen area. I cannot order this in Canada as they wont ship here.
  6. ssackett

    ssackett Newbie

    I contacted Harvest Host recently to ask if they would approve a Camp-Inn TD. Another thread indicated that they have accepted a Camp-Inn before, but they told me they would not because there was no interior cooking or toilet. Disappointing.
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