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  1. rotus8

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    When we are boondocking, our water in the trailer tank lasts about a week. On longer trips I carry two fresh water 5-gallon cans for backup. It is quite convenient to have the water in the trailer tank, but pouring from a 5-gallon can into the tank filler is quite difficult as my cans have no spout. I have siphoned using our fresh water hose, but I now have a better solution. I purchased a Lisle 17232 Right Angle Funnel for $12. These are available at various auto supply places, but I got mine off Amazon. The funnel comes with two angled bends in it for getting to awkward places. I cut the funnel just above the lower bend and it now goes into the tank filler and provides a perfect entry for dumping my water can into.


  2. GinaNBob

    GinaNBob Novice

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing
  3. Jim and Sue L.

    Jim and Sue L. Junior Ranger

    We use a cut-off water bottle. Yours is much better. Thanks for the tip!

    Sue and Jim
  4. Randy

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    On order, thanks!
  5. Chuckwagon

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    I wonder if it's "food grade" plastic?
  6. AlCat

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    good question, chuck. I checked, but found no answer.

    Of course, the hose I use to fill the TD's water tank may not be food-grade, so....

  7. pbaker2225

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    I would not think food grade plastic would be necessary when it is only used as a funnel not used long enough for any leaching to happen.
  8. adrianneross

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    I like your funnel. Thanks for sharing!

    I have a couple of collapsible buckets (Seattle Sports) that I fold up and keep under my sink. If I fill them up about 3/4-full, they're less likely to tip over and the edge makes a little "spout" when I pour out the water. They do a pretty good job filling up the water tank - there's a little bit of leaking but not too bad - I bet your angle funnel would help. Two buckets = approx. 1/3 water tank.

    Also, the collapsible bucket is handy for storing chip ice (from the gas station) in a cooler - if you put the (5-7 lb) ice bag in the bucket, it will melt in the bucket rather than all over everything. More or less. Assuming it doesn't tip over.
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  9. Wade and Nan

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    Nothing beats a "right handed funnel." But ours comes close.
    We visited a fermenter's shop and got a food grade funnel and tube/hose for filling our tank. $3.50 for both.
    It is still a bit of a wrestling match solo, but since we are married...
    Now a right handed food grade funnel, that's what dreams are made of.
  10. Monica & Bill

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    Thank you for this great idea. I bought this funnel, and will cut it down as you did. Thanks again for posting!
  11. Hey rotus8... I got one of those funnels and cut it as you suggested... works GREAT! Thanks for the tip.

    --Ken (The Short Short Trailer)
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  12. fernlane

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    this is the really cheap version that's available everywhere and works great. Just cut off the narrow end so it'll fit into the trailer water filler. $1.39 at Advance ...


    r dickson
    550 #645
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  13. Handben

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    This is the same funnel we bought for a very different purpose. It fits great into a 1 gallon water jug - stays in place without having to hold it. This is kept in our side tent for those night time "nature calls". I'd recommend getting 2 different colors though if used for both purposes.
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  14. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    I don't really have anything to add to this thread as I have no experience with a sink in a teardrop. But I am learning a lot.

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