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  1. Duke's

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    Like to get thoughts, pos and negative on front windows of 550 verus none on 500. Are you glad you have them? Do you wish you didn't have them?. Actually see anything while lying down? Too much light in am? Leak concerns? Any other thoughts?

    Thanks for your replies.
  2. Ken & Peggy

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    Well, we have the 550, and I like the windows. Too much light has not been an issue for us. Where you park will determine what you see - either trees or sky usually. Although one evening we sat up and watched an awesome storm blow in across southern Utah - hail and lightning like ive never seen.
    Probably a good idea to sit/lay in both to see how it feels...
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  3. Van_and_Terri

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    Our 550 is a 2010 model and has never experienced a leak anywhere. We do store it inside. Both of us would not do without the front windows. Terri did make new lined curtains which keep out the early morning sun.

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  4. Inn42

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    There is a possibility that some folks might be a bit claustrophic without the additional front windows. They help the cabin seem roomier than it would without them. They also improve the available light for reading, playing cards, etc.

    The stock cabin curtains do a good job at keeping out light at all but the most obnoxiously lit campgrounds - mostly private campgrounds, but also some state parks, COE and a few others.

    While laying down, you will only see straight up, so clouds and limbs are the standard view. But the window is tinted, so the view is better outside. I suspect their main function is natural light, since when you are sitting up in the cabin you are facing away from them.

    We have had no leak issues with the front windows, and that is with our camper having been outside a lot in the past five years. With that said, we try not to linger in places that rain a lot... But we have had rain the past two nights.

    I really can't think of a con. I've had truck bed canopies with similar windows and was worried about leaks with these, but they have worked great and we've had no problems with them.
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  5. Gypsy

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    I have a 500 Special. No front windows. I have no experience with a teardrop that has front windows or a sunroof. Living in Florida and experiencing the heat that comes through my double-pane windows at home I didn't want any more windows in my little trailer to let in the heat. No claustrophobia, just a cozy feel. Have observed a few great firefly light shows lying in bed looking out the side windows. I was glad I had no front windows when camping near others who feel they have to light up the night all night.
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  6. Duke's

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    Great input fellow campers. Thanks.


    With most posts geared towards 550 and 560's, glad you provided your experience with 500

  7. AlCat

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    We have the front windows. Maybe if I lived in a very hot climate I wouldn't want them, but I really like how they make the cabin "feel." I've not had a problem with too much light coming in. We did have a tiny leak, caused by the seal at a window deteriorating. Cleaned the area and applied some caulk, and it's good as new.
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  8. pat walsh

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    We have a 550 ultra and I like the windows. We have not had any problem with light coming in but keep an old fashion wooden close pin on the bottom of one just in case we need it. I like the natural light. We have not had any leaks from the windows.
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  9. gregangsten

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    As far as light goes, you will get much more light in from the ceiling vent/sunroof than from those windows if the shades are drawn. Sometimes I've lain there trying to dream up a way to curtain off the sunroof if we wanted to sleep later.
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  10. skissinger

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    Here's how on a 550, I made something to close off the light from the fan Fan Room Darkening and Air Cond Mgmt Material I copied another's idea. It might not work for you if you have a 560. I'm a morning person... But those afternoon naps in a dark camper are nice!
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  11. I love the windows. Stargazing into the mysteries of the night. My vote is for the windows!
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  12. lorieandkeith

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    I just spent some time with two couples with other brand tears in North Dakota. One had larger windows than ours, and one had no front windows. The people without windows really were impressed by ours. I think there is a greater risk of a sense of claustrophobia if there are no windows. I don't see a downside to the windows. I sleep in regularly while Keith makes me coffee ;-) and the standard CI curtains are shockingly effective at darkening. I hope this helps.
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