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  1. hiadventurer

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    We have a 2014 560 with a furnace which did not have the Hi/Low switch. Purchased it separately and installed it which was straight forward with good instructions. We have camped at altitudes of 9500 ft. and 10,500 ft. for multiple nights and the furnace performed flawlessly.
  2. rotus8

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    I'm happy to hear that the Hi/Low switch is working for you. I installed the switch in our 560 and while it did improve the furnace operation altitude, it still did not work for us above 5,000 ft. I pulled the heater out and modified the air flow switch by adding a bit of metal to it, and now all is good for us. I have no idea what the difference is between your installation and mine.

    If anyone is interested in my modification, I would be happy to post pictures. Kudos to Craig and Cary for helping out.
  3. Tour 931

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    I would like to see the pictures. thanks

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