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Discussion in 'Other Gear & Equipment' started by Randy, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Randy

    Randy Junior Ranger Donating Member

    We will be camping for a week in the high Sierras this summer with no shore power. Our site is very shady so concerned about keeping the fridge running and battery charged up with a solar panel. I have been considering going over to the dark side and investing in a Honda EU0000i. I have heard one and they are remarkably quiet. Given that we live in So Cal earthquake country it would be nice to have one as a household backup also.

    What kind of running time is required to maintain the battery? Any concerns on traveling with a gas can? Any other thoughts about generators appreciated.


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  2. rgupnorth

    rgupnorth Junior Ranger Donating Member

    We have a honda 2000i that we use around the house during power outages and it is very quiet. Always thought it would be handy for a backcountry camping trip. It runs a long time on one tank of gas.
  3. Inn42

    Inn42 Junior Ranger

    Our Yamaha probably needs to run 2-3 hours per day in hot weather with the Dometic running in order to keep the battery fulled charged with no solar supplementation. That will give you about three days on a gallon of gas. The Yamaha and Honda are highly comparable, and Yamaha actually claims to be 1 db quieter. They can easily be found for $100+ less than Honda.
  4. rockytopsc

    rockytopsc Novice

    We have the Honda 2000i as well and use it primarily for our NASCAR weekends. We have an external tank kit that holds an additional 6 gallons, so we can run for the weekend on 6-10 gallons. We travel with the gas tanks attached to a hitch basket.
  5. mariusz

    mariusz Novice

    Yamaha or honda both gteat choice, would not go with different brand.
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  6. lorieandkeith

    lorieandkeith Newbie

    I am fearful my message will not be helpful, but because you suggested you have some reservation about the generator and the "dark side," I want to share an idea.

    The Yeti's are remarkable. We have two. When we start out one is filled with frozen goods, and the other is filled with mainly cold goods and a couple of frozen items. The frozen items might be coffee, milk, drinking water, soup, ingredients or leftovers. We rarely need ice, as replacement groceries are frozen (e.g. frozen packages of spinach).

    In the winter, often one cooler becomes a place to put stuff where it won't freeze - fruit, vegetables, or canned goods, as examples.

    Perhaps you love the refrigerator and don't want to give it up. Also, the Yeti's are expensive.... But like I said, just an idea.
  7. Cary Winch

    Cary Winch Camp-Inn Staff

    If purchasing a generator the minimum needs to be 1600watts if being used to start the air conditioning system. So, the 2000watt units are ideal.

  8. Randy

    Randy Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Randy

    Randy Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Thanks Cary!

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