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Discussion in 'Adventures & Excursions' started by Evan, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Evan

    Evan Administrator Staff Member

    Show off your teardrop travels by adding a custom U.S./Canada map to your signature.


    Click on the following link to select the states you've spent time in:

    iPhone and iPad users can download the iOS app.
    If the above link doesn't work, search the app store for "Visited States Map Jeremy Nixon."

    I recommend the following color scheme:
    • Red: Drive-thru only
    • Orange: Less than 1 week
    • Blue: Less than 2 weeks
    • Green: 2 weeks or more
    Since your signature will be attached to every one of your posts, please resist the urge to use a huge map. 150 pixels is a good size for your map. (With the side by side US/Canada map I recommend 210 pixels.)

    Once your image is created, save the .PNG file to your computer (iOS users can save it to your photos). Upload the file here and then drag and drop the image or copy and paste the link into your signature.

    Need help with this feature?
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