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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dmaaron, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. dmaaron

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    Good Day All,

    I read about someone using the Harvest Host community to stay for free at participating wineries and farms while travelling. After research it seems as though it is for self-contained RVs. Was wondering if anyone could shed anylight on their experiences and whether or not the host are generally open to Teardroppers staying. Being in SoCal, we would love to use this unique club to stay and partake in Wine Tasting at the locations in Paso Robles... Let alone all the other places we may go on our travels... Post Oct. Delivery of our 560.

  2. ssackett

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    I've wondered the same thing but haven't been able to find any information. We love the Paso area as well but there aren't a lot of campgrounds there. I did post a review of one in the outings forum a year+ ago.
  3. Steve_B

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    A couple low cost camping ideas near Paso Robles, CA:

    Windrose Farm in Paso Robles allows camping in their apple orchard for $20/night. Farm Club members get half off camping!

    For adventurous people rustic Franklin Hot Springs in Paso Robles sometimes allows low cost on-site camping. Yelp reviews of Franklin Hot Springs. Some people love it. Others don't like it at all.
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    Thanks Steve. I recently heard about Windrose Farm and will check it out.
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