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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by Tour 931, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Tour 931

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    I've only owned my Camper-Inn for about a week but I owned a Little Guy since 2007. I'm retired and have spent up to seven months in that trailer in one year. I drove Route 66 twice, drove to NC once, TX once, MN about a dozen times and MT about two dozen. I also volunteer at Washington State Parks and that is where the seven months came from.

    I also own a Henry Rifle Forum so I'm quite familiar with forums.
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  2. Handben

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    I'd like to hear your impressions of the Camp Inn versus Little Guy. I don't think we've had that many folks around here who had owned Little Guys prior. Thanks.
  3. Inn42

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  4. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    Comparing the two is like comparing a Hugo to a Rolls Royce. I paid $4,500 for the Little Guy and slightly more for the Rolls Royce, I mean Camp-Inn.;)

    The Little Guy had no options and I installed a radio, stove, and wired it for 110v. Over the years it started to leak as it was very cheaply made. It now sits under cover in my backyard and is a great place to take a summer nap. DSCN5884.JPG

    I have pulled the Little Guy with a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria, 1991 Toyota pickup, 1986 Ford Bronco II, 1987 Ford Bronco II, 1970 Ford F100 Camper Special, and a 1999 Ford F-150. The best TV was the two Broncos.
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  5. Pelagicflyer

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    I am thrilled to hear confirmation of what my recent online research indicates regarding this comparison. Reinforces my plans to not settle for less. Thanks
  6. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    The Little Guy was great for how I used it but now I want more comfort in my old age. I bought almost every option available for the trailer build but didn't get all the after build accessories.
  7. rgupnorth

    rgupnorth Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Tour 931 - It was quite a few years back - but I am pretty sure I ran into you I believe it was in Idaho as I have a picture I took of your TD. Your TV was a Bronco t that time, At that time I had a Little Guy Silver Shadow. Now have a CI 560.
  8. Bear

    Bear Ranger

    Tour 931 welcome to the community. Should you ever plan a trip to Whidbey Island be sure to say hello. I'd be interested in hearing more of your stories especially that those seven months spent with the Li'l Guy.

    Walk in Beauty,

  9. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    I have indeed camped in Northern Idaho in the last ten years.
  10. Mark & Casandra

    Mark & Casandra Junior Ranger

    Welcome and congratulations on your new CampInn! I'd be curious to know what some of your favorite features of your 560 are vs the Little Guy....of course that may take a little time & a few trips to figure out since you've only had it a week.
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  11. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    Off the top of my head the sofa is way up there on the list. But also the fact it is a well thought out camper that will last me the rest of my life is important.
  12. rgupnorth

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