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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by The Abider, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    I've looked at Camp Inn trailers on the internet for a decade but have never seen one. Me and my wife tent camp a couple times a month since we are both retired. We don't want something big. Seriously thinking about ordering a 560 Ultra this fall and would love to see one in person. Anybody in the Seattle area have one I can check out.
  2. Randy

    Randy Ranger Donating Member

    I have one in So Cal if you are ever down this way.

  3. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    Thanks Randy. Probably won't be in SoCal till winter....hope to find something a bit closer.
  4. Mark & Casandra

    Mark & Casandra Junior Ranger

    Get in touch with Cary or Craig at Camp-Inn and they can put you in touch with owners closest to you who are willing to show off their trailers. But.....BE WARNED.........this is exactly what we did when we got serious about a teardrop.......we researched online extensively........looked at a few of the other little guys we could find locally.......figured out pretty quickly w/o even seeing one, that a Camp-Inn seemed to be the best made option for us..........desperately wanted to see one in person though.......called the guys @ Camp-Inn & they hooked us up with one 550 & one 560 owner within an hour drive from us........we went......we saw (& had great visits with fantastic owners)........and we were SOLD & knew that nothing else would come close to a Camp-Inn! And we haven't regretted or second guessed our 560 Raindrop choice once in the past (almost) 4 years! long as you don't count that one 4am nature call in the middle of a monsoon when I did momentarily think back fondly of the bathroom we had in our previous Hi-Lo camper. ;)
  5. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    Thanks Casandra. We love tent camping. Its nice getting into to small campgrounds. So often I see people with big trailers and RV's struggling to back in tight spots. Thats not for us. Love the mobility of a teardrop. I've seen a few teardrops, but never a Camp Inn teardrop. It's fairly obvious to me that this is a well crafted and built trailer. For the way me and my wife enjoy camping....a teardrop makes a perfect fit. Just want to see one before taking the next step.
    I will take your advice and get in touch with Cary or Craig at Camp-Inn. Oh yeah.....and thanks for the warning. We like the 560 Ultra.

    Blue Skies,

    Ted & Theresa
  6. JoeB-NW

    JoeB-NW Novice


    We have a 560 Ultra in Lynden, WA. We're only a couple hours north of you. Let us know if you want to come up and take a look. We will be putting it on the market soon.

    Joe and Alexis
  7. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    Thanks Joe & Alexis,

    We are going to Bellingham on August 4th. If you are around maybe we can meet.

    Ted & Theresa
  8. JoeB-NW

    JoeB-NW Novice

    We should be around. When it gets closer we can figure out times and such that work for everyone.

  9. pbaker2225

    pbaker2225 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I am about a mile off the freeway at exit 210, Arlington area. You are welcome to have a look at mine.
  10. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    Thanks Pat, Me and the wife would love to see it. We have family in Everett we se all the time.... so that would be close. I'll check my wife's schedule and get back to you on a visit.
    Thanks so much,

    Ted & Theresa
  11. pbaker2225

    pbaker2225 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Ok, sounds good. Just let me know when you will be in the area.
  12. Bear

    Bear Ranger

    Ted & Theresa,

    Should you change your mind on a 560 and would like to see a 500, I'd gladly meet with you on Whidbey Island or could bring #70 to you. Your choice.

    Walk in Beauty,

  13. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    Hello again Pat. We are going up to Anacortes this weekend. Its a last minute trip. If you are around on Saturday or Sunday.....we would love to see your trailer. Call me if this works. 425-985-8478.
    Ted & Theresa
  14. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    Thank you Bear. We hope to see one in Arlington soon. If I'm in your area, I like to see your 500.

    Ted & Theresa
  15. The Abider

    The Abider Newbie

    A big Thanks to Pat. Me and the wife took a short run up to Arlington and Pat gave us the full tour of her 2014 560. We spent an hour getting tons of information. This is the first time I've ever seen a Camp Inn trailer. What a great built trailer. The fit and finish is so nice. Can't say enough good things about Pat either. She has her 560 set up nice.


    Ted & Theresa
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  16. pbaker2225

    pbaker2225 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    You are welcome. I enjoyed sharing with you. I hope it helps you make the best decision for yourselves.

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