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  1. Hello, well Marysue and I got our purchase contract yesterday and mailed it out today. Now it's wait time. Looking forward to going to Wisconsin picking it up then camping back to Florida. We tried to do this last spring but 2017 was a very busy year. Thank you to Van and Terry for letting us come see their 550 in Tomoka last year. For that we got some money off the final price (Thank you Cary). Well hope you all have a great spring camping season. See you soon Carl.
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    Come out to Tomoka State Park this weekend for the Tearjerkers Rally. We will be at Site 63. Looks to be a great turnout!
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    Welcome to the forum. I didn't join till after I picked the camper up.
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  4. Hi all, well sorry we couldn't make it to Tomoka ( Van and Terri ) this year but we will be there next year when we have our 550. Can't wait. Looks like it may be an April completion, but we won't be in WI. until the end of May beginning of June to pick the little beauty up. Then maybe out to CO. down to NM. back through AK. and so on back to FL. Our tv will be a Ford F150, so if you see that with a 550 ultra stop and say hello. Thank you for the welcome Tour 931 and Bear. Hope to see you all on the road. Carl.
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    Safe travels! Terriā€™s parents lived in Silver City before passing away. One year we attended the Hatch Green Chilie Festival in Hatch, NM. It was a great experience. Last year we visited the Bandelier Mts near Santa Fe and the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque.
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