WANTED In Search Of Camp Inn 560 Ultra

Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted' started by Allisonmk, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Allisonmk

    Allisonmk Newbie

    In Search of Camp Inn 560 Ultra, ideally with off-road package and without decorative inlay on kitchen. We live in Champaign, Illinois, are frequently in Washington state, and LOVE road trips (especially to come collect our new camper!).

    Missed a lot of great opportunities because I wasn't getting notifications of private messages -- fixed now! If ISO's aren't allowed, let me know, I'll take it down!
  2. GinaNBob

    GinaNBob Novice

    If you would like to see a 560 up close, we have one with mahogany interior, SUV version. It is not currently for sale. We are about 1 1/2 hours south east of you. PM me if you are interested.
  3. Allisonmk

    Allisonmk Newbie

    In search of Camp Inn 560 Ultra, with off-road package, heat, and A/C. Just had our second kiddo and eager to make camping a bit simpler.

    We live in Champaign, Illinois. We're open to about a 15 hour drive, but will go further if we'd pass through Austin, TX, Bozeman, MT or CO on the way :)
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  4. Mike Lunsford

    Mike Lunsford Newbie

    I'm new in the forum, so forgive me if I have sent this message previously. My wife and I have to sell our 560 Ultra so I thought you should see it. We live in Goleta, California, near Santa Barbara. Call Mike at (805) 967-5828 or reply at lunsford4@cox.net. Our 560 has the SUV package, and many other options from Camp-Inn. It's a 2015 that we received November 1st of that year. It's been in the garage when not in use, so it is like new.

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  5. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    Hi! Take a look at my posting as our droplet has AC, heater, and the SUV package. True, we're quite a bit further west than Colorado, but there's always the call of Yosemite and the pacific northwest!
    Cheers, Jonathan
  6. Lori Erickson

    Lori Erickson Newbie

    I am selling my 2010 , no furnace because we use a plug in heater. Check Mpls Craigslist.
  7. Evan

    Evan Administrator Staff Member

    ISO are most definitely allowed. :)
  8. Allisonmk

    Allisonmk Newbie

    Still searching!
  9. Allisonmk

    Allisonmk Newbie

    Endlessly searching! Hoping to spend much of October camping with our two littles and a camper would make this plan so much better!

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