Interstate Agm Battery - Size Solution

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  1. Installing a new Interstate "yellow" AGM battery in our 560 had one difficulty: width.
    This battery has two options for connection - either the top posts or side screw-in posts. I chose the screw-in option. The difficulty is those screw-in connector bolts are about 1/2" too long for the plywood partition to fit tightly once the battery is installed. The remedy was to simply take the plywood partition to the shop bench, sabre-saw a slot large enough to amply accommodate both the protruding posts and at the same time the scaled-down Interstate brand's charger clamps can periodically connect to the posts without having to remove the plywood partition. The posts do not protrude beyond the thickness of the plywood thus endangering a short from any utensils or ? stored in the compartment. The Interstate battery charger is comparatively expensive, yet the features are numerous and it is very well made and compact.
  2. Update March, 2018
    The Interstate battery, once charged in January, has held a 12.5 charge to date in without any further charging. Our 560 trailer is stored in our garage.
    The idea of having the "slot" made in the plywood partition to permit the side posts for wiring attachment, has worked well for any charging effort - simply connect the charging clips directly to the side of the battery through the plywood divider.
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