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Discussion in 'Gatherings' started by eileenpaine, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. eileenpaine

    eileenpaine Novice

    For those of us in So Cal , the Lake Perris gathering will be March 22-25.
    Its a few gathering with lots of restores TD,s and some novel interpretations
    more info is at:

    Anyone who is going - lets camp together. I can get there early (I live 15 miles away) and save a block of spaces for us!
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  2. eileenpaine

    eileenpaine Novice

    Just heard there will be over 100 teardrops at Lake Perris Gathering!!
  3. rushthecat

    rushthecat Novice

    As I mentioned before, I'm new to the TD scene. I ordered a 560 Ultra and I know it's a "raindrop" not a "teardrop". I didn't anticapate this being an issue until I saw this statement in the Lake Perris Gathering homepage:
    "WHO CAN ATTEND: This Gathering is for traditional teardrop trailers only. Sorry, no travel trailers or T@Bs."
    Will this exclusion include the 560? Are there other gatherings that anyone is aware of where a raindrop would not be welcome?
  4. Evan

    Evan Administrator Staff Member

    Nope. You won't have any problem. T@Bs generally are considered to big to be teardrops, but I've never heard of a 560 being excluded. It's a 550 with an extra option on the front. :)
  5. Cary Winch

    Cary Winch Camp-Inn Staff

    A T@B is a "Standy". Any travel trailer for which you can stand in and for that matter has a floor inside would not be a teardrop. The original manufacturer of the T@B took some license by calling it a teardrop, just based on the aero shape of it. That is probably why the people putting on that gathering needed to call it out specifically, since the owners were told by the manufacturer it is a teardrop.

    Yes, it is true we call the 560 a Raindrop and not a Teardrop. There are purist out there would be upset with us if we called it a teardrop, this is why we do this. However, like Evan said it still fits the model of a teardrop and teardrop owners love having 560s in their midst (even the purist).

  6. Betsey

    Betsey Camp-Inn Staff

    There are two exceptions to a "standy" teardrop. One is the Wildgoose & the other is the Kampmaster. Both were produced commercially in the mid-late 1940s by different companies. They were teadrop shaped but the hatch opened up so that you could walk into the teardrop from the rear. It had canvas sides & usually a screen door.

    Here's a few photos of them with & without the canvas sides:

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    T@B did make a model called the "Clamshell." It was a T@B with a kitchen in the rear, just like teardrops. The model was phased out due to water leakage issues with the galley hatch (the bane of many teardrop builders). Little Guy has bought the rights to produce T@Bs & the word on the street is they are bringing back the Clamshell for production, with improvements to the hatch. Still not a true teardrop for all intents & purposes.

    And there is today's lesson in Teardrop history. :)

  7. rushthecat

    rushthecat Novice

    Cool stuff! I feel like I'm in a Teardrop 101 class. Thanks to all for the info.
  8. Betsey

    Betsey Camp-Inn Staff


    You're welcome! There is a lot of interesting information on the history of teardrops.

    A couple more points of interest on the Wildgoose & Kampmaster...if you look closely at the pictures, you will see that the screen door actual folds in half, so it is easier to store when traveling. Also, just below the door you will see a step for getting up into the teardrop. It swings down & then back up into the tear when not in use. Notice how it fits into the space between the tail lights to form the back end of the teardrop. Pretty neat!

  9. Bechtle

    Bechtle Novice

    Hi, Eileen...

    I'm already registered and planning to attend the Lake Perris Gathering. I'll be arriving later Tuesday and will be departing Monday morning.

    If there is a Camp-Inn area, I'll park with the pack. Keep me posted.

    Thanks, Carl #403
  10. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    Hey, Carl, welcome to the forum!
  11. Cary Winch

    Cary Winch Camp-Inn Staff

    Wow Carl, good to see you here. An excellent addition to the forum.
  12. Bechtle

    Bechtle Novice

    Welcome Reply

    Hi, Cary!

    It was always on my list to join your excellent forum, but never found a round tuit. I know I owe you some pictures, so soon as I find a couple of round tuits.

    My January trip to the Mojave went well(mostly). 16 degree overnight tempretures. Carrizo Plain had rain and 50 mph winds. Our camp was 15 or 20 miles in via unimproved road.
    Enough of storm that they sent all the monument employees home early. Quite the storm but I stayed warm, dry, and out of the wind. The teardrop did quite well.

    Something of interest to you, we visited the Mojave Air and Space Port where Burt Rutan, Richard Branson, Paul Allen hang out. It's the civilian equalvent of Edwards AFB & NASA Dryden Flight Recearch Center.

  13. eileenpaine

    eileenpaine Novice

    HI Carl,
    I'll be heading over on Thursday, I had hoped to come over sooner, but..... Tim and our dogs will join me on Friday. Since you will be there early (or first), try to get an area with room for more to possibly join us! There are usually 2 or 3 of us (at least 2 years ago, when I last went)

    I can bring lots of Eucalyptus firewood!!
    looking forward to meeting you
  14. Cary Winch

    Cary Winch Camp-Inn Staff

    Oh, this will be a great pairing indeed, Carl along with Tim and Eileen. We will be properly represented!

    Nice Carl, I am envious indeed of your visit to the space port. As you can imagine I have been a huge admirer of Burt Rutan for many many years. Got to see him speak a couple years back, that still is a highlight for me.

  15. Bechtle

    Bechtle Novice

    Hi, Cary.....

    OK, I'll forward to meeting Tim and Eileen.

    Meeting Burt Rutan...that has to peg the ol' thrill meter!!!

    As you are probably aware, Rutan & company are building a mother ship (385' wing span behemith) from which to launch their space ship. What I learned was not only are they using six 747 jet engines...Burt and company have chosen to use the avionics from a certified 747 "doner" aircraft thereby greatly shortening the development time. Pretty amazing.

    OK, back to teardrops.

  16. David Smith

    David Smith Newbie

    Do you expect to have any Campinn trailers at your gathering? I am interested in the Campinn Ultra 560, but I would love to see one in person to get a better feel for it. Is it OK for non-teardrop owners to stop by and say "hi" at Lake Perris or is this a private event?
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