L'escargot's First Big Trip, Part Two...

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    L'escargot's first big trip part two...

    We're on top of Sentinel Dome in Yosemite National Park. The tree trunk behind me is the remains of the Jeffery Pine Ansel Adams photographed in 1940.

    Points West 2016.099.jpg

    Florence, looking at her peak... The smoke on the right is from a fire in the south part of Yosemite.

    Points West 2016.100.jpg

    View from the Geology Hut on Glacier Point. With binoculars, we could see people walking on the top of Half Dome.

    Points West 2016.109.jpg Points West 2016.108.jpg
    Our last night in Yosemite...

    Points West 2016.110.jpg

    Heading to see my brother in the small town of Quincy, in northern California. Driving across the Tioga Pass Road, we stopped for a two mile walk around Tenaya Lake.

    Points West 2016.112.jpg

    On the east, dry side of Tioga Pass, we found a shady tree for lunch on the ten mile descent to Mono Lake.

    Points West 2016.115.jpg

    My brother's cabin near Quincy. We saw and heard Sand Hill Cranes and Coyotes from his porch. And he drives the 1951 Studebaker every day. A last picnic at Silver Lake, 3000' above Quincy, and just off the Pacific Crest Trail.

    Points West 2016.120.jpg

    Four long days back to Ohio. Our last night, at Wildcat Den State Park in Iowa.

    Points West 2016.122.jpg

    We drove 6225 miles, averaging 17.6 mpg, pulling l'escagot with our 2014 Subaru Outback. We camped 16 nights, and spent 7 nights at relatives. Elevations ranged from 11,013' (Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 in Colorado) to 282' below sea level (Death Valley), and temperatures ranged from 37 (a cool morning in Wyoming) to 113 degrees. Traveling with our Camp Inn 550 'L'escagot' was wonderful, no problems. But there's no place like your own back yard.
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    A wonderful travelogue. You've certainly earned that long-haul pin!
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    Thanks.... I think next we'd like to go through the Smokies, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah NP...
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    Great trip! We are going to pick up our 2006 550 Ultra next week. Salt Lake City to Grand Junction, CO. Will pull it back with our 2012 Outback. You also drove right through our backyard. FYI, there is an upstart company building a new L'escargot Model. Perkgana. Almost bought one before we stumbled on 'soon to be ours' CampInn! ciao
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    Great trip and post!

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