Minimum Wattage Solar Panel For Dometic

Discussion in 'Electrical & Mechanical Issues' started by Randy, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Randy

    Randy Ranger Donating Member

    Want to use my old battery to run the Dometic in the bed of my truck. Anyone have a feel for the bare minimum wattage solar panel that to keep the battery charged for running only the Dometic?

  2. rotus8

    rotus8 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I think 100 watts (might get away with 90) is the minimum you can get away with. Of course it depends greatly on if there is any shade, if you can position the panel to get direct sun at the right angle, what the ambient temperature is, and the actual condition of the battery. It also depends on the efficiency of the charge controller. So many factors, there are no guarantees. YMMV
  3. Randy

    Randy Ranger Donating Member

    Thanks rotus. Sure like your second battery setup. How do you keep it charged at camp?
  4. rotus8

    rotus8 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    My second battery is happy running without charging for a verified two and a half days, and the deep cycle battery is OK with that. When we are camping it is usually in the back of my TV with the charging setup from the car, and it is rare that we don't drive somewhere every couple of days. I did equip the box with an extra power point socket so I could add a solar panel to it easily, it's only money (and somewhere to carry the panels).
  5. Randy

    Randy Ranger Donating Member

    Thanks. Great setup!
  6. fernlane

    fernlane Novice

    I use an 85 watt panel and it did fine even in Death Valley. Lots of sun vs lots of dometic run time and the battery still fully charged each day (according to the trimetric).
  7. Van_and_Terri

    Van_and_Terri Junior Ranger

    I have a friend who utilizes a 100 watt panel and it handles the dometic with ease.

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