My Outback's 1st Tow!

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by SarahNellRobert, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. How hard can one more day of work be when you get to drive into the office towing your CI? Countdown until 3:30! And we finally got our Looney Bin sign hung in the galley. Who woulda thought that random little waterfowl sign Robert's aunt picked up for him years ago would make its way here.


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  2. jfocallag

    jfocallag Junior Ranger Donating Member

    My question is will anyone get any work done today or will you all be tailgating out at Looney Bin?
  3. AnnaSteve

    AnnaSteve Novice

    SarahNell_Robert the new car and Camp Inn look good together.
  4. Bazza2154

    Bazza2154 Novice

    First time I brought Rosy Lee into the office for a quick Friday getaway I had three staff tours and two suppliers all wanting a look. 3:30 came up way to fast with no work done.
  5. I sure wish we were tailgating out there! Our complex is pretty big so mostly just a lot of stares this morning or emails from co-workers/friends who have seen it outside of work. Haha, I bet Barry and Annie! I worked hard through noon. These last 3 hours are questionable...

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  6. CamperJohn

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    cool looking trailer!

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