Needed: Dutch Oven Recipes For Camping Cookbook

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  1. Hello fellow teardroppers,
    I'm writing a camp food cookbook. Our family has been camping and cooking outdoors for many years and I've finally decided to share some of our wonderful recipes. As I've chatted with other teardrop campers, it has been suggested many times that I include Dutch oven recipes. Yes, there are many of those recipes here on the CampInn forum but I can't steal them. If you'd like your recipe published in my book, with your name beside it, please send it to me. When the book is published I will send you information on where it is available for purchase. It will be available at the CampInn factory. Thank-you so much!
    Renee' Scheuerlein
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  2. Donna's inside out lemon cake.
    One lemon cake mix,
    One can of lemon icing,
    Four eggs,
    1/3 cup of vegetable oil
    Cup of water

    Bake in Dutch oven at 350 for 45 min.
    I always get great reviews.
    Deborah from Arkansas
  3. I like this recipe.
    To keep your marriage going
    With a loving cup
    When your wrong admit it
    And when you are right,
    Shut up
    Deborah from Arkansas
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  4. Renee,
    I have typed my recipes up with a picture of a teardrop in the corner and then laminated them so that I have two recipes (front and back on a 5x7) for space. I also have a temperature scale that shows how many charcoal bricks to use for the right cooking time. Punched a hole in the corner and put them on a ring. Keeps them clean and I can wipe them off.
    Deborah Austin from Arkansas
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