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  1. Duke's

    Duke's Newbie

    Ordered a Mini Cooper few years back with Mini sending updates during the build and delivery progress. Fed off anticipation and highs for each milestone reached towards delivery of my custom ordered shiny new mini. Particularly enjoyed tracking the ship as it crossed the Atlantic.

    Because of that experience, Smiled and understood reason for this tab. Also great CampInn plays along sending build pics.

    Wanted a new CampInn but a slightly used one with specs I wanted popped up. Located 20hrs away so asked seller if he would be willing to hold it for three weeks till I had the time to get to him, made offer and offered deposit. He accepted offer, agreed to hold and without a deposit!

    Well two weeks and five days are up! Tow rigs now set up, tanks filled, snacks purchased. In 47 hours I depart on long drive for my new to me CampInn. Kinda be like watching the freighter cross the Atlantic but this time I'm manning the helm and the feeling may be even better than it was 11 years ago.
  2. Tom & Diana P

    Tom & Diana P Novice

    Safe travels. You'll love your Camp-Inn!
  3. Hey Mate!
    You are in for a ride of your life! The Oceans are awaiting for high and low tides. Your CI is going to navigate like a dream.
    Your compass is wide open for adventure!
  4. Mark & Casandra

    Mark & Casandra Junior Ranger

    I hope your trip and Camp-Inn purchase experience was a great one! Did you get a 550 or 560? Please update & share photos of your adventures & welcome to the family.
  5. Duke's

    Duke's Newbie

    Did indeed tow like a dream. Spent two nights on way home and can't wait to get back out. Love this trailer.
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  6. mariusz

    mariusz Novice

    Enjoy, this little trailer is a keeeeeper
  7. Warren  Mary Ellen

    Warren Mary Ellen Junior Ranger

    Congratulations! You'll enjoy it. About get our 560 Ultra up from its Winters nap for the first of many 2018 expeditions soon. And looking at next weekend's forecast in SC, it may real soon. Hope my wife doesn't read this thread!

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