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Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Dave, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Dave

    Dave Novice

    My wife Jolley and I and another couple (who have an A-Liner) spent several nights at O'Leno State Park, which is a little northwest of Gainesville, FL. the last weekend in March. It is a beautiful place with nice campsites, clean restrooms, plenty of trees, a lot of hiking trails, and in proximity to several springs. The Santa Fe River runs through the park. There is an outfitter several miles away and we rented kayaks and kayaked down the Ichetucknee River, which flows into the Santa Fe. The Ichnetuckee is drop-dead gorgeous. The water is cyrstal clear. We managed to see a few manatees, a family of otters and zillions of turtles. If you ever get a chance to visit this park I highly reccomend it.

    410 S.E. O'Leno Park Road
    High Springs, Florida 32643
    (386) 454-1853
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  2. abccampinn

    abccampinn Novice

    Re: O'Leno State Park - Florida

    Hi Dave,
    The park sounds great! Do you have any pictures?
  3. Dave

    Dave Novice

    Re: O'Leno State Park - Florida


    I tried but to no avail at this point. Back to the drawing board.

  4. BobB

    BobB Novice

    Re: O'Leno State Park - Florida

    Sounds great - thanks for sharing. Any worry of gators or other pests?
  5. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    Re: O'Leno State Park - Florida

    Sounds like it was a great trip, Dave. Keep working on getting some of those pictures posted, it'd be nice to see the park.
  6. LisaNKevin

    LisaNKevin Novice Donating Member

    Re: O'Leno State Park - Florida

    We just stayed there for New Years 2014-15. It was a wonderful park and I'd go back again. Not in warmer weather thought, the mosquitos could carry you away. I've visited there in the summer and they were swarming.
  7. Van_and_Terri

    Van_and_Terri Junior Ranger

    Re: O'Leno State Park - Florida

    We have visited O"Leno looking for geocaches. Terri was the first person in FL to complete the recent State Park challenge. We haven't camped there, but have looked at the 2 camping areas in the park. The loop near the river is the most popular, but the sites don't drain good if it rains. We didn't see any fire pits on the loop near the River either. We could have missed them since the vegetation is thick. The other camping loop is further away from the river and located on higher ground with fire pits. The park is beautiful and once was a thriving community. BTW, the Santa Fe River disappears into an underground River and reappears again. Definitely unique! We look forward to campng there.
  8. LisaNKevin

    LisaNKevin Novice Donating Member

    trying to u/l photos of O'Leno but I am not having any luck.


    Evan, or someone, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  9. fpoole

    fpoole Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Howdy LisaNKevin,

    I might be able to help until the pros get back to you..
    If you're just wanting to show photos in a post, like this, then you need to use the tags you are using but need to go to the image and "Right click" the mouse, >Copy image URL and then paste between the image tags.. like here as and example:

    I'm posting from the park website
    Rt Click >copy image URL
    Paste onto the post:
    https://www.floridastateparks.org/...ion and Parks/gallery/4 Jay.JPG?itok=hQGc0QO_

    and put the [​IMG] tags around it.

    Now, IMPORTANT, you see the link above does not end with the "xxx.jpg or .png" it has some additional stuff..
    It will NOT work on those types of URL links, it has to have the xxx.jpg (.jpg) at the end. (.jpg/.png simple tells the computer it's picture and to show a picture)

    So if I were trying to post the pic as above, it wouldn't work and it would show like this:


    You'll either need to find another one or save the pic to your computer and even that probably won't work. There's nothing on that site that you can link to pictures. It's due to various things, protection, scripts to show the slideshows etc.



    I found this one, and it's hit or miss, but searching google for "photos of O'leno" park and then viewing it by visiting the website...

    Anyway, it's getting too detailed but if you don't see the ending extension of .jpg or .png or a few others it won't work.

    Also, if you're in the Camp Inn Gallery you can post your "Saved" photos up there, but cannot post additional photos in the posts like above...

    sigh, sorry, it's just one thing lead to another. I did post a thread in the How2 section if that might help..

    they'll get back to you shortly I'm sure..

    Happy Trails...
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  10. fpoole

    fpoole Junior Ranger Donating Member

    follow up,
    I might have misunderstood in that you were trying to upload your photos from your computer to the Camp Inn area.

    I believe you need to go to the Gallery section..
    You'll see the link under the location map on how to do that..


    How to Add a Picture to a Post

    for that.. sorry, I never use it so...??
  11. LisaNKevin

    LisaNKevin Novice Donating Member

    Thanks, Frank...I guess I should've asked this under tech support but... I tried to make a gallery, I tried the FTP route; maybe it's because it was 2am. I'll try again. I really wish it wasn't so cumbersome. :-/
    Appreciate the help!
  12. LisaNKevin

    LisaNKevin Novice Donating Member

    Okay, I have resized and successfully posted photos of O'Leno State Park in Florida. The swampy areas are on a hike. They still won't directly post from ones I resized and put on the FTP page. Still too big? Oh, well.
  13. Monica

    Monica Novice

    Hi All,
    Can those of you who have camped here - can you recommend a particular site or loop?
  14. Gypsy

    Gypsy Newbie

    I stayed at O'Leno last month. Dogwood Loop Site 11. Not far from bathroom/shower. Sun and shade. Little opening with path to adjoining sites.
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