On Aug. 21, 2017....solar Eclipse

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    This is where I will be. The gathering is currently full but they are trying to arrange for more spots:

    Shadows Over Shaniko
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    Looks like I need to plan a trip to a better viewing area. Thanks for the posting!
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    I've got plans to watch it at Car Henge in Alliance, NE.
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    Another site with info state by state about where the ecplipse can be seen.
    Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Path Through the United States

    In SC, the mountains here could be some interesting places to see it, especially Caesar's Head State Park and Table Park State Park (campground here). The mountains here drop off immediately and provide long views into the SC Piedmont. Wigington Ovelook would too. There are several lakes in the path that would be good viewing places. Of course you could go to Charleston and be the last to see it in North America As it got to the Atlantic.

    I will be watching it with a group 8th Graders in the first week of school.

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