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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by Jim Carter, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Newbie

    Well, one step closer to reality of a Teardrop. I should get the purchase contract this week and then the real waiting begins.

    I will pull my Ultra 550 with a 2017 Toyota Tundra Double Cab.

    Have been tent camping for 20 or so years and I am tired of sleeping on the ground and setting up a new kitchen every time ;-). So this should fill the bill.

    Actively involved with Three Rivers Dutch Ovens group and plan to use my rig to make DOGs more comfortable.
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  2. Handben

    Handben Novice Donating Member

    Welcome to the Camp-Inn family! I too graduated from tent camping - though most of my tent camping was when I was younger. You will greatly appreciate the comfort and ease of setting up camp compared to tent camping. The bed is so comfortable that we realized we needed a new home mattress. We bought our 550 Ultra on 7/31/17 and just spent our 21st night camping (Assateague Island, MD). The ease of just packing provisions and a few other items makes the barrier to getting out much less than with the tent. I suspect that you'll hardly notice that you're pulling it behind your Tundra.
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  3. Van_and_Terri

    Van_and_Terri Junior Ranger

    You will love your 550! Nothing compares to the quality built into them. Our favorite part is the outside kitchen. The cast iron grate is awesome! We always put up a REI Canopy with sidewalls if the weather doesn't cooperate. A nice glass of wine and you're set!
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  4. Warren  Mary Ellen

    Warren Mary Ellen Junior Ranger

    You'll enjoy your Camp Inn. We did the same thing and haven't looked back at our tent. It takes far less time to get ready To go camping and cleanup afterwards is quicker too. When you get somewhere to camp, setup is fast. And if you are taking long trips with it, you will like the ease of that compared to a tent. We've done two cross country trips with ours.
  5. Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Newbie

    The next step has been taken. As they say, "The check is in the mail."
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  6. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    Good for you! It won't be long now.

    We just drove through your neck of the woods on the way home from Shenandoah. A beautiful area.
  7. Bear

    Bear Junior Ranger

    Hot dang! Welcome to the club! I look forward to reading about your maiden voyage.

    Walk in Beauty,

  8. Brian & Lucy

    Brian & Lucy Novice

    Welcome! We love our '09 550. We've encountered many other teardrops on our adventures, and the comments we hear are about the comparably small size, yet amazing use of space. And the build quality makes one assume ours is new until we correct them. We pull with a 4Runner...no problem. We pack about 1/2 what we did the first few trips with it...so don't go buy what you may not need!
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