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  1. Monica & Bill

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    Holy cow! May 23 we will be picking up our beautiful camper! Looking forward to seeing where it all began, and finally meeting Cary and the crew.
    Our grandson graduates high school May 19, then we will be on the way from Florida to Necedah the next day. Yay! Thanks to all the great information we have picked up from everyone here, we think we are ready. We are a little unsure as to we are doing in finding campgrounds, but we have the Allstays app, and are getting the hang of using it. It has been 40 years or so since we have been camping, so we are very excited.
    Two days after we get home, we will be on our way to NJ for a family reunion with two of our grandsons. One is 18, and will be in a tent, and the little one who is 4 will be in the camper with us on the couch or bunk bed. Neither one has ever been camping before, so it will be quite the adventure! Any advice or info anyone wants to throw our way will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Little Patriot

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    Monica and Bill,

    Your excitement is evident in your post!
    How wonderful for your grandsons! Be sure to let us know how it goes.
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  3. Monica & Bill

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    Thank you!
  4. Mark & Casandra

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    Sounds like you have great times ahead this summer! Making memories with loved ones is the best part of camping/road trips! Hope y'all have a wonderful time with your grandsons!

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  5. Monica & Bill

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    Thank you, Mark and Cassandra!

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