Picking Up A Used 550, Camping On Way Home Saturday

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by StewUtah, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. StewUtah

    StewUtah Novice

    Holly and I are making our inaugural teardrop trip this weekend. We will be driving from Salt Lake City to Green River, Utah to pick up the trailer, and will be stopping on the way home to get our first sleep in our first teardrop. We had a Scamp 13 foot trailer for 9 years before selling it several years ago. I'm excited to get back off the ground after tent camping. I'm also curious how the Outback pulls it. Ciao
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  2. Handben

    Handben Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I'm pretty sure you'll be smiling for a while when you first tow the 550. I'm certain that it is a lot less of a load to be worried about. Let us know how it goes! BH
  3. Mary & Mark

    Mary & Mark Newbie

    We pull a 560 with our 2012 4cyl Outback. Mileage drops to ~22mpg but otherwise it tows easily. I opted not to get trailer brakes thinking I could add them later if necessary. I've found the Subaru's brakes to be up to the task. I think you'll be happy with your Outback towing the 550.
  4. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    My Outback six pulls a 560 without any problems.
  5. StewUtah

    StewUtah Novice

    The Subaru pulled it great. We have the trailer home, and are excited for the camping season

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  6. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    That Subaru looks a little different than mine. You are going to love the camper.
  7. StewUtah

    StewUtah Novice

    hehe! That's the previous owner's Jeep. I haven't taken a picture of the trailer hooked to the Outback yet. Now I'm wondering why...:)
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  8. Lynne & Scott

    Lynne & Scott Junior Ranger Donating Member

    So how was your first night in the unit? Bet you are glad to have it home and can begin planning the first real adventure!
  9. StewUtah

    StewUtah Novice

    We ended up driving all the way home to avoid an expected snowstorm over Soldier Summit (7600 ft). We put it in the garage and proceeded to familiarize ourselves with it for a couple hours!! :)
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  10. Warren  Mary Ellen

    Warren Mary Ellen Junior Ranger

    Our Subaru pulls our 560 Ultra just fine. 3 years in with the 2 of the hitched together. Hope you enjoy it.
  11. StewUtah

    StewUtah Novice

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  12. mariusz

    mariusz Junior Ranger

    Cooool pic, so how was a first night in it;)
  13. StewUtah

    StewUtah Novice

    It was great! very comfy. We were camping in a primitive campground just outside of Capital Reef NP, and the temps dipped to 18f overnight. That wasn't expected, but we were comfortable nonetheless. Kodachrome2.jpeg
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  14. StewUtah

    StewUtah Novice

    I just realized that the picture is of Kodachrome State Park the next night, but you get the picture (pun intended) ;)

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