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Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by Sky bear, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Sky bear

    Sky bear Novice

    Hi all,
    We're trying to plan a trip to the northwest mid October and would appreciate suggestions for camping
    spots on Whidbey and surrounding islands. We island hopped Orcas, San Juan and Lopez years ago but
    stayed in B & B's so aside from some of the state parks on Whidbey not that familiar with what's available and whether we'd need to make reservations in advance. Also, would prefer shore power for part of the
    stay to help out with our Dometic. Our 90w solar is having trouble keeping it up to speed.
  2. Jenn

    Jenn Junior Ranger

    Hi Sky bear,
    This link will take you to a posting by Bear with links and descriptions for camping on Whidbey Island.
    FOR SALE - Island Life Tranquility

    Then this will give you good information for the ferries in the San Juans:
    Washington State Department of Transportation

    In October you should be able to drive into any State Park and get a campsite. I think there is a time when they stop taking reservations for the winter.

    I hope you will post how your trip went.

    Sorry I wont be here to meet you. I am heading off Whidbey Island soon to make the journey east to Wisconsin, the Mother Ship, and Camp-Inn Camp Outt!!

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  3. Brian & Lucy

    Brian & Lucy Novice

    Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey is a must IMO. I grew up boating up there, and would anchor for a night in Bowman Bay before heading north. Woke one morning to a pod of orcas passing by off the stern. It's a place I always take visitors...many good memories.
  4. Sky bear

    Sky bear Novice

    Thanks for the info. Jenn, forgot that I posted a similar request a year ago. Bear was kind to send good stuff then.
    It seems Deception Pass SP is the consensus. Any particular site(s) recommended? We would base ourselves at
    Deception and then ride the ferries. Have a sister in Bellingham to help guide us too. Weather that time of year
    is iffy as I recall. Pushing 60 with a low to 40? Rain-fair chance? I see that shore power is available and with the denseness of the forest I'm thinking solar support won't help much. So, the Dometic will be OK. Looking forward
    to our adventure. Have fun at the CI get together. Maybe next year.

    Dave & Kathy
  5. Dave & Karen

    Dave & Karen Newbie

    Hi Sky Bear,
    Ebey State Park is another nice park on Whidbey Island. It has a beautiful view to the west and looks straight out through the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Having said that, it could get pretty windy with that western exposure, but it's a beautiful park. It also has some history from WWII in the form of old gun emplacements.
    The park has nice facilities and is open all year. There are full and partial hook up sites as well as primitive sites.
    My wife Karen and I haven't camped there yet as we are picking up our 560 in Necedah on or about the 12th of Oct and will bring it home to Whidbey Island. Once the
    "RLX-INN" is home we plan on using Deception Pass and Ebey as our Teardrop training ground before we venture out too far from home.
    Safe Journeys to you and maybe we'll see you in one of Whidbey's State Parks.

    Dave & Karen
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  6. sniperJ

    sniperJ Newbie

    Heard how good the Ebey State Park as well. Should be worth trying

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