Sceptor 2.5 Gallon Military Water Can

Discussion in 'Other Gear & Equipment' started by Randy, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Randy

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    Here I go again, can't help myself, another gadget. We do a lot of three night trips and always seem to come up just short on water. I was looking for a high quality water jug. 5 gallon jugs are the most common but too heavy. Found this 2.5 gallon Sceptor Military Water Can. BPA free and perfect size for adding enough water to get us through that third night. They go for $50 plus on most websites but I found it here for $40 shipped. Scepter Military Water Can

    I think you could drop this thing from a helicopter without damaging it! Appeals to that prepper in me!
    OK Michelle, I'll stop now, I promise (fingers crossed)! :)

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  2. Gypsy

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    Thanks for the tip.
    I went to order one but the company wanted over $16.00 to ship so I decided against it.
  3. Randy

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    Sorry, total p
    Sorry about that, total price wasr was $40 shipped. Still less than $50-60 on most other sites.

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