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    I was getting tired of fussing with the side tent poles so I started to look at alternatives. My first search came up with telescoping poles from Cabelas. They collapse with a clamp similar to hiking poles. The are made of steel and are 4lbs each. Best advantage is they are only $13 each. The alternative was aluminum poles from REI. They are in three pieces and assembled like regular tent poles with the bottom poles slide out with a ball latch for about 1.5 ft of height adjustment. They are only 1lb each. Disadvantage is they are $35 each. As usual, I go for quality over price so I got the 8ft REI poles. Tried them out this weekend and they work great with no fuss. Plus, they still fit in the sidea tent pole bag. 20170930_120808.jpg
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    Dear jtmiyake:

    We love our REI 8 foot poles. Ours have stood up very well in heavy wind. I think you will like them also. It seems CampInn owners prefer quality!

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    If they are totally collapsed, what is the total length of the longest section? Thanks R
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    I am guessing each section is about 28 inches. They are packed in the trailer and not easily accessible. I keep the bottom 2 poles attached to allow both poles to fit in the original side tent pole bag.

    If you are referring to the shortest length when assembled, it is 78 inches

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