Snow Chains

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    Oof, I remember that downhill very well - is the West-side of the hill just way steeper than the East-side? Always seemed that way to me, both going up and coming down. My parents live in Gig Harbor and I went to school in Pullman and I'm pretty sure I had to put on chains every trip to and from home on winter break...and I think once on Spring Break, too. I hated that drive - when they raised the speed limit to 70 mph, I couldn't believe it - double yikes! I was also driving a 12+ year old rear-wheel drive Toyota station wagon - fun times! Never got stuck because of road closure - but I think one time I had to detour through Yakima - that was an adventure.

    Contemplating that drive is the main reason we got the trailer brakes on our camper.
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    Snoqualmie Pass... i drove it in a rental car about 10 years ago. Peggy attended a conference in Seattle so we made a long weekend out of it. I took my fly rod up there one morning after it snowed. Pretty hairy. Then, while walking along the riverbank fishing i came upon some LARGE cat tracks. Talk about feeling the hairs on the back of your neck stand up - i quickly ended my fishing for the day! A beautiful area.
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    I bet you are talking about a time when I-90 was just a two lane highway that went through the towns long the way. In places Snoqualmie Pass is now eight lanes.

    These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago near the west summit onramp.
    DSCN6113.JPG DSCN6115.JPG
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    You wrote this in October and November (another month) has come and gone, so are you still planning an early departure from Wisconsin? ~BEAR
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    Early March. I think.
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    A tangent, but a bit funny:

    I was in a parking lot scraping the ice off the windsheild. It was raining below zero, and it was the worst and very slipperiest it can be.

    The car started sliding down the incline in the parking lot. I could hold the car in place with my hand. As long as I kept holding the car, it would stay in place, but if I stopped, it slid downward. It was midnight and I was alone and there was no help. It was before cell phones.

    I decided I couldn't stand there all night holding the car in place. I thought one of those concrete logs would stop the car. I removed my hand and got out of the way. Of course the car picked up steam and it went right between the concrete logs, down a ravine, and smacked into a big tree.
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    Whoa!! What a decision.

    Some years back, while driving in a storm, I hit some black ice and the car went into a spin. At some point the car started going backwards towards the side of the road. When the car stopped and I got out and looked at the back of the car, there was enough snow built up on the back wheels that kept it from going off the side of the road into a ravine. Eventually someone came along and pulled the car back on the road. The back tires were just over the side enough that I couldn't have done a drive off.
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    Oh that's unlucky, it just happens. Last month one guy brought his F150 for new truck bumpers and racks installation. on 30th he returned with a good wreck on his new bumper. He said he parked at the corner most of the office parking for extra safety. Well, a branch of a tree on the next block fell right into his truck.
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    I hope you are able to laugh about that moment now. The retelling of the story truly brought about a chuckle on this end.

    Thank goodness nobody was hurt, which makes it easier to laugh about.

    Walk in Beauty,

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