So Far 145 Days Since May 2010

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  1. Still trying to figure out how this forum works. But Tom, Dani & our #353 (tin) Lizzie have been together 145 nights. All since we first picked her up May 2010. We of course continued on to Door County Peninsula SP. That year also saw us touring the mitten of Michigan. We spend a total of 26 days that year. For 2011 we traveled up an beyond the mitten into the UP of Michigan and because both Tom and myself were born and raised in Michigan we have a special feel for that beautiful state. We have personally been to 58 of the 97 state parks in Michigan. Year 2011 had us sleeping in Lizzie for 22 nights. 2012 was our big year. We drove our 11 year old Chrysler mini van which already had 180,000 miles on it to Alaska from Indiana. We put an additional 12,000 miles on it and 47 nights inside our Lizzie. A side note--We once were in a major storm in MI with lots of lightening and thunder. I stated I felt I was in a tin can but safe. Ergo the name Lizzie (I am from Dearborn, Henry Ford, get it). 2013 saw us back in MI and also long trip out west. We visited all the National Parks in Utah, but the most fascinating part of the trip was to Chao Canyon in New Mexico. I will say the road into that National Park is a douzzy. Our license plate on Lizzie wore right off. Attached bolts were still there but no plate. Made up a paper one to take us home. Total that year was over 6,000 miles and 22 nights. I will say for 2014 and 2015 we slowed down 21 nights on a short trip to NC and later to Penn. and 2 nights to Branson Mo. Branson was so hot 95 degrees and 99 % humidity we packed up and came home early. Our car was now a new town and country mini van. 2016 saw us heading to upper NY but after staying with friends Tom's back went out and I drove home cancelling the rest of the trip so 0 nights in Lizzie. Doing better for 2017 already back into Michigan 6 nights and next Tuesday we are into Southern Indiana and our NY trip is scheduled for Sept. Sorry will miss the camp inn . Dani
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    I hope to follow in some of your footsteps in the future. You are very brave. Driving to Alaska in a car that already had 180,000 miles on it. Keep the stories coming. I love to hear about the highs and the lows.
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