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    We were asked how our Subaru Outback did in mountains on our recent 6000 mile trip (pictures and details in the 'Awards/Long Haul' section, "L'escagot's First Big Trip").

    It performed quite well... It's a 2014 four cylinder 2.5. Going up the divide and Vail Pass on I-70 to 11,000' in Colorado (6-7% grade), we went 55-60 mph without straining the engine. Going down, using the paddle shifters to downshift, we didn't have to use the brake much at all. Coming out of Death Valley (going west), you climb and descend 3 to 4000' at a 9 and 10% grade. This we did at 35 or 40 mph, and did need to brake some. A good work out... We averaged 17.6 mpg over 6225 miles, most of that pulling our teardrop and the two of us.

    I bought a tank of 85 octane (a 'high altitude' formulation that worked better in older cars) gas in Limon, Colorado, then drove some quite hilly (more than 7% grade) two lane roads to Denver. The Subarlu did not like that, knocked, ran at higher rpms, got bad mpgs. After half a tank, we filled up with premium and things immediately improved. So... we paid more for 87 octane gas in parts of the west.
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    I tow with a Subaru Outback 2.5i with CVT. The owner's manual says to change the CVT fluid regularly if you use the vehicle to tow. Does anyone have opinions about whether this is a good thing to do?

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