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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by StewUtah, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. StewUtah

    StewUtah Newbie

    Hello all!

    I just committed to purchasing a 2006 550! We are really excited.

    A short bio/history

    My wife and I have been tent camping for years. In 2002, we moved up to Alaska (from Utah) with our 6 and 2 year old boys. Holly was nervous about camping in in a tent an area where the wildlife still rules, so we purchased a little 13 foot Scamp and camped all over the last frontier.
    Fast-forward a dozen years; we are back in Utah and both boys are over six feet tall and no longer fit in the Scamp's bunks. My wife was also thinking the bed is a little small. We sell the trailer (in four days). We get a utility trailer and a big tent. Back to tent camping for 4 years. Well, one boy is finishing college, one starts this year, and we found a nice 2006 CampInn 550 Ultra that we are driving the 190 miles to pick up next weekend! Back to luxury! Off to the wild (and music festivals) Is there anything I should know (i.e. tips), for a 2006?

    Glad to be here
    Steve from Murray, Utah
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  2. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    If you like tent camping you will love the teardrop. Welcome to the forum.
  3. dustinp

    dustinp Junior Ranger Donating Member

    There are tons of tips, and most of them are contained within this forum, but I don't think anything that is just for the 2006 model in particular. Spend a few days or more on this forum reading as many posts as you can, and you will come to appreciate both what your Camp-Inn, as well as this forum have to offer, along with many, many tips.

    Welcome and enjoy your new baby!

    P.S. Also, if your new-to-you Camp-Inn didn't come with an owners manual, Thanks to Betsy, you can download one in the forum section called "The Official Camp-Inn Area", or if this link works, here: Camp-Inn User Manual PDF
  4. mariusz

    mariusz Novice

  5. StewUtah

    StewUtah Newbie

    It appears that we might NOT be getting trailer after all. The frame is bent. I'm glad he told us before we drove all the way down there to pick it up. Apparently the seller forgot to lift the wheel , and pulled away, forcing the wheel into the triangle of the frame. It isn't kinked, but bent. I was told today at a shop that it could be a problem, in many ways. Very disappointed. The search continues
  6. dustinp

    dustinp Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Too bad, I'm sure it was disappointing. It seems like something a good frame straightening shop should be able to repair to like new condition, but would still need to be taken in account for any affect on value.

    Good luck!
  7. StewUtah

    StewUtah Newbie

    You can straighten frames without weakening them?
  8. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    I didn't think Camper-Inns had a solid frame. Isn't it two separate frames at each end?
  9. dustinp

    dustinp Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Well I am certainly not an expert on the Camp-Inn frame, but I know they can straighten car frames back to new dimensions, so I would think they could do the same for a trailer frame, but Craig or Cary could probably tell you far more accurately than I.
  10. StewUtah

    StewUtah Newbie

    The plan to purchase is back on. We are picking up the trailer on Saturday! Very excited. Bluegrass festival season is coming up!
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  11. dustinp

    dustinp Junior Ranger Donating Member

    You must have gotten your concerns regarding the frame satisfactorily addressed.

  12. Warren  Mary Ellen

    Warren Mary Ellen Junior Ranger

    Congratulations! Hope it works out for you.

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