Washington State Hwy 101

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    On January 21st flash nine thirty one will make its maiden voyage on Hwy 101 in my home state of Washington. This will be a seven day, six night adventure and we can't wait.

    From Woodinville we will drive south on I-5 to Olympia and catch the very beginning of the highway. Then drive the highway from Shelton north, then head west as it goes around the Olympic Peninsula and then continuing South to Chinook at the Washington/Oregon border.

    I have driven every part of the highway in Washington but never all of it on one trip. In February and March we are planning on driving down to the Oregon and California coast and continuing the adventure.

    As a Disabled Veteran I get to camp for free in Washington and Oregon State Parks so gas will be our only expense. Well that and the million pieces of junk that seems to follow us home.
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    Thanks Bear, I had never heard of it before.
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    We did the 101 loop a few years ago in my parents electricity-hog camper van - it's what finally decided us on a teardrop (rather than a standee). Can't wait to do the trip in our Camp Inn! Have a great trip!
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