Where Do You Put Your Medicare Card While Traveling?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bcweiss, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. bcweiss

    bcweiss Newbie

    As you can probably guess I am now officially old as I became eligible for Medicare on March first. Since the Medicare card includes your social security number where do you keep it while you are traveling?
  2. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    Well, I'm not quite there yet, but I'd think it'll be on my person with my other ID'S. Don't want to lose any of those either, and it would be needed if you had to be seen somewhere...
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  3. Inn42

    Inn42 Junior Ranger

    It is interesting that the government does that. I mean, if lose your wallet you will lose enough information for someone else to establish credit in your name! We have a hidden strongbox in our van, so passports and various other things go in there when we don't need them. I suspect most vehicles would have a place where you could hide things to reduce the chances of something that important getting stolen - under a rear bench seat comes to mind, but there are likely at least a few places in any vehicle where a thief is not likely to look, especially if it is necessary to unload some gear in order to gain access.
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  4. bcweiss

    bcweiss Newbie

    Thank you for the comments. I had thought about buying a strong box as we will be carrying our passports as well. I do wish the government would use another system for our Medicare accounts. I don't ever want to deal with identity theft but particularly when we are traveling.
  5. bcweiss

    bcweiss Newbie

    That sounds like something I would do! I hate it when I put something in a "safe" place and then can't find it when I need it.
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  6. AlCat

    AlCat Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I'm not sure an online discussion is the best place to discuss where any of us store anything valuable....
  7. AlCat

    AlCat Junior Ranger Donating Member

    ps Do you actually need your physical Medicare card, or do you only need your Medicare number? I'd guess you would take a photo of the card and store it in an online lockbox, rather than in your car, etc.

    I realize that this doesn't work for your passport, however, or anything else that requires that you provide the paper copy.

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