Winter Camping #zumbro2018

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    Shelly and I had a camp weekend at Zumbro Bottoms near Theilman MN. We went to volunteer, pace and run at the Zumbro Endurance Run. The weather at this event is always the wild card. We should have known Friday the 13th would have a hand in making this year epic. The plan was for both of us to run the 17 Miler on Saturday morning, but the winter storm continued to build overnight and sadly the 17 Miler was cancelled. We were very comfortable weathering the storm Friday night in the Ski Lodge. I think we were the envy of our friends who were tent camping or sleeping in their vehicles. We still worked our volunteer shift at Aid Station 1/4 on Friday and I paced my friend Brian (running the 100 miler) for a 17 mile lap on the overnight. I've run this course several times and this was by far the worst condition I've ever seen the trail. It was a fun character building weekend.

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    Haven’t you reached the point in life where you don’t need any more character building? :)
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    If running through a snow storm that dropped anywhere from 1-2 ft of snow over the weekend builds character, I think I'll be fine with what little I've got.;)
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